Notre Dame Releases New Stadium Crossroads Renovation Video

Notre Dame's $400 million plus "Crossroads" expansion to fabled Notre Dame stadium is expected to be finished before kickoff vs Temple in early September.

First off thank god they are redoing the bathrooms.  While it may be charming to some to piss in a nearly 100 year old urinal I for one hated the smell of someone else's urine that burned the nostrils upon entry.  I don't want to taste the bathroom walls and floors when I'm taking a pisser either.  But hey that's just me.  The fact that they are renovating the bathrooms with new toilets but also making it look classic is cool.

I know the players will think it's cool but I'm a little disappointed they gutted the original home team locker room.  I've been in the locker room a couple of times and you can't help but get those chills/goosebumps on the back of your neck when looking at it.  And no I'm not talking about the creepy chills of a Penn State locker room.  Just the aura of knowing Rockne and Leahy and Holtz gave inspiring pep talks to their players before battle was one to make the hair stand up and become fully aroused.  Reminder again NOT LIKE PENN STATE SHOWERS.

At least the stairway to the tunnel from the ND locker room will remain the same.  That's a tradition unlike any other and the players will still hit the Play Like A Champion Today sign.  Also I think it's cool that the visiting team will come out of a separate tunnel.  Hopefully the home crowd can give them an intimidating welcome as they come out of the new tunnel.

All in all I'm looking forward to seeing all the new renovations to Notre Dame stadium.  The one I'm most looking forward to is the new video board which as you know ND has never had.

Go Irish!

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The new IT trailer is out and it looks as terrifying as the original

No lie the original "IT" movie with Pennywise scared the living the shit out of me as a kid.  I literally went from being totally cool with going into sewers to get my Rawlings to a complete 180.  In fact I don't think I've been in a sewer since the early 90's and I'm a grown ass man.

This new trailer gets my jimmies all rustled.  It plays into not only my fears as a kid but now as a parent the worst nightmare of losing your child.  Blood sucking clowns exist.  I'm convinced.  They are called politicians these days.


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Melo Trimble Declares for NBA Draft, Thanks Maryland

Classy gesture by All Big Ten guard Melo Trimble to thank the Maryland coaches, fans, and school.

 I remain torn on Melo's impact/legacy in College Park.  When he came to Maryland as a scrawny little freshman I got Juan Dixon flashbacks going in my head.  I figured Melo would lead the team to at least a Final Four if not a championship like Dixon did 15 years ago.  They had the same game and could hit daggers behind the arc and were both local products.  The problem was were Dixon continued to get better and his game progressed I really think Melo peaked his freshman season in 2014.

Melo did help take Maryland to 3 straight tournaments including their first sweet 16 in 13 seasons last year.  I'll give him a big tip of the SportsCrack hat to that.  But after finishing his junior season (first round loss to Xavier) no one can argue that Melo was a much better player three years ago.  He could have been a lottery pick if he came out after his freshman season but now I really don't see him getting drafted.  He's not a point guard and he's not a good enough shooter.  He's also sloppy with the turnovers.  His best shot is to go to Europe for a few years, hit some threes and bang some 8 and 9's.

Good luck Melo!
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Tic Toc Irish T-shirts are Here! #TicToc

We got a ton of requests from Notre Dame fans and Alize Jones fans to make a Tic Toc Shirt.   If you haven't heard Alize started the twitter hashtag #tictoc and it soon went viral.  Now you can get the unofficial official Tic Toc t-shirt on our store page!
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Notre Dame's Practice Video Reveals Some Poor Tackling Fundamentals


When the smallest guy on the Notre Dame football team, Nico Fertitta, is the only guy showing proper tackling you know new defensive coordinator Mike Elko has his work cut out for him. Granted we are only looking at a quick highlight video courtesy of Irish Illustrated but it looks like the ND secondary has a LOT of work to do.  Maybe they should focus on the opposition's belt buckle and not their helmets.  Just a thought.
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Do The Dansby Swanson Hair T-shirt

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Here are the top 10 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers of All-Time


"Kate the Great" Upton makes her 3rd Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover in her young career and it's good to see she regained her fastball.  Her velocity was sagging there for a couple of years but she clearly worked on her best assets and brought the heat while not stalking Justin Verlander.  With Upton making her 3rd cover it got me thinking about all the greats who have graced the cover.


Here are my power rankings for the 10 best SI Swimsuit covers.



10. Kathy Ireland 1992


While it's not a great cover shot Lucy from Necessary Roughness is the only one of these models I've actually met in person and I can say without a doubt she is a goddess.  I still get flustered when I think about those eyes.


9. Marissa Miller 2008


Miller is the Sandy Koufax of SI cover girls.  She was a shooting star who was here for a hot minute then vanished from the spotlight.


8.  Brooklyn Decker 2010


I present without comment...





7.  Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, Chrissy Teigen 2014


What can I say other than I have a thing for threesomes.  While Teigen has no business being on the cover with her butterface Agdal and Aldridge saved this cover and made it memorable.


6.  Cheryl Tiegs 1975


No bottom.  No bottom.  My god the 70's were so much better.


5. Elle MacPherson 1987


It's a bit nippy in here.  Elle MacPherson was the total package back in the day.  She's still bringing the heat in her 50's.  She injured a lot of adolescent wrists in the 80's and 90's.


4.  Kate Upton 2012


Upton made her debut in 2012 and quickly shot to stardom via the internet.  She's parlayed her huge assets to being Mrs.Verlander and a horrible acting career.


3.  Bar Rafaeli 2009


I could belly up to the Bar any day of the week.



2.  Heidi Klum 1998


Heidi brought her A game in "F me/bedroom eyes" category for this cover.  I'm still all hot and bothered looking at it nearly 20 years later.


1. Dream Team Kathy Ireland, Elle Macpherson, Rachel Hunter 1994


As I said before three is always better than one and this is a Hall of Fame cover by three of the greats.

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Mike Mayock's 2017 NFL Draft position rankings are out and worth arguing

No lie I miss me some Mike Mayock.  Mayock was the lead analyst on NBC's Notre Dame Football coverage for a few years and brought an understated expertise of the game that didn't exist since Cris Collingsworth left for bigger broadcasting pastures in the mid 90's.  Mayock was replaced with another Boston College alum in Doug Flutie who doesn't hold a candle to what Mayock brings to the broadcasting booth.


Anyways Mayock knows how to scout and judge college football players for their overall talent and abilities coming into the NFL draft.  Mayock's eyes and knowledge are probably ten fold to what I possess.


Let's take a look at Mayock's top 5 players by position going into the NFL scouting combine and I will give you my thoughts/arguments/agreements with Mayock's list.






1. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame

2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson

3. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina

4. Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech

5. Davis Webb, California

My thoughts:

This is a very weak year for QBs in the draft.  None of those 5 names Mayock mentions pop out to me as can't miss.  Kizer has the size, arm, and athleticism that makes scouts wet.  But he went 4-8 last season with a talented ND roster surrounding him and when he had chances to win the game in the 4th quarter he fell short numerous times.  Watson isn't the prototypical NFL QB size wise but he has the moxie, leadership and winning attitude that none of the other QBs have.  Trubisky is a complete wild card to me.  I've seen Trubisky play a few times and honestly I don't see why scouts are so high on him.  Mahomes tore up the BIG 12 conference but his lack of height is concerning while playing in a spread offense.  Webb has NFL size at 6'4 and an arm to match.  He was under the radar in Berkeley and had a great senior season coming back from an injury during his junior season.  But none of these guys scream out first round pick.  If anything I'm trading down to get a guy like Mahomes or Webb in the 2nd or 3rd round instead of taking a gamble with Kizer, Watson or Trubisky who most draft pundits have as first round locks.

Running Back


1. Dalvin Cook, Florida State

2. Leonard Fournette, LSU

3. Christian McCaffrey, Stanford

4. Alvin Kamara, Tennessee

5. Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

My thoughts:

I love Dalvin Cook.  The guy does it all.  He can cut on a dime and take it to the house.  He can run between the tackles with power.  He can also catch the ball out of the backfield.  He's a matchup nightmare.  Cook is a can't miss type of player IMO.  I once thought the same with Fournette but his junior tape wasn't great.  Bama bottled him up again.  He took plays off, sat out the bowl game and did his best not to get injured so he could collect a big paycheck come April.  I don't blame him but I'm not sure I want that type of player on my team who thinks me first.  McCaffrey is a great college player.  He should have won the Heisman over Derrick Henry.  Put him in the right offense and he could be great but I'm concerned about his injuries and he too sat out the bowl game in order to collect a big check.  Kamara and Mixon are both headcases.  Kamara couldn't cut it in Tuscaloosa and Mixon knocks out girls in fast food joints.

Wide receiver


1. Corey Davis, Western Michigan

2. Mike Williams, Clemson

3. John Ross, Washington

4. Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington

5. Zay Jones, East Carolina

My thoughts:

I'm surprised Mike Williams isn't #1 on Mayock's list.  Nothing against Corey Davis but Williams was a game changer for Clemson and made Deshaun Watson look a lot better than he actually is.  I would probably put John Ross as my #2.  Ross is very intriguing and he reminds me a lot of Antonio Brown.  Kupp has come out of nowhere and is drawing comparisons to Jordy Nelson because he's a scraper, high motor, first one in last one out aka the white guy.  Zay Jones is another sleeper like Kupp.  No he's not white but the guy caught a million balls for East Carolina and at the very least will be a good #2 receiver in the NFL.



Tight end


1. O.J. Howard, Alabama

2. David Njoku, Miami

3. Evan Engram, Ole Miss

4. Jake Butt, Michigan

5. Gerald Everett, South Alabama

My thoughts:

Howard has the size, speed, talent and hands to be an excellent NFL tight end.  It's really just up to him because God blessed him with elite skills.  I would have Engram #2 over Njoku right now but I can see why Mayock is high on Njoku.  Njoku has developed into a matchup nightmare for linebackers and I think Howard, Njoku and Engram could all be 1st round draft picks.  Butt suffered a knee injury in the Orange Bowl but his hands and blocking are top notch.  I know absolutely nothing about Everett or South Alabama so I'm not going to bull shit you.  You can't go wrong with any of those first three names on Mayock's tight end list.

Offensive tackle


1. Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

2. Garett Bolles, Utah

3. Antonio Garcia, Troy

4. Roderick Johnson, Florida State

T-5. Taylor Moton, Western Michigan

T-5. Jermaine Eluemunor, Texas A&amp;M

My thoughts:

Mayock throws out his first hot take with no mention of Bama's Cam Robinson in his top 6.  Must be something to do with those pesky gun and drug issues he had in Tuscaloosa that were conveniently swept under the rug.  Big fan of Ramczyk and Johnson.  Both can play left or right tackle in the NFL.  The other guys on Mayock's list I'm not familiar with so I'll take his word for it that they will be earning millions in the NFL while going bankrupt in retirement.

Interior OL


1. Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky

2. Cam Robinson, Alabama

3. Dan Feeney, Indiana

4. Ethan Pocic, LSU

5. Dion Dawkins, Temple

My thoughts:  Well I be damn.  Mayock has Robinson at guard.  Hmm.  Watch him drop to the 2nd round and the Cowboys pick him up and he becomes yet another elite offensive linemen for the Cowboys only to never win a playoff game.  Feeney would be my #2 behind Robinson.  Lamp has drawn comparisons to All-Pro Zach Martin which is why Mayock is so high on him coming out of Western Kentucky. In terms of talent the interior OL might be the strongest position as Pocic and Dawkins also have bright futures at the next level.

Interior DL


1. Jonathan Allen, Alabama

2. Caleb Brantley, Florida

3. Malik McDowell, Michigan State

4. Larry Ogunjobi, Charlotte

5. Chris Wormley, Michigan

My thoughts:

Allen is a boom or bust prospect.  Allen led Bama in sacks the last two seasons but he's also been surrounded by great players and rarely was double teamed.  Brantley is a little undersized but he can play with the best of them and is a high motor player.  McDowell could be #1 on Mayock's list but he has a tendency to be lazy and take plays off.  That shit won't fly in the NFL.  Not sure why Ogunjobi is in Mayock's top 5.  He's undersized and tends to get pushed around.  I would put a guy like UCLA's Eddie Vanderdoes over him who isn't even listed.  Wormley is just another Michigan guy who shouldn't be listed.


Edge rusher


1. Myles Garrett, Texas A&amp;M

2. Tim Williams, Alabama

3. Derek Barnett, Tennessee

4. Solomon Thomas, Stanford

5. Takkarist McKinley, UCLA

My thoughts:

Not a fan of Michigan football by any means but I don't know why scouts are sleeping on Taco Charlton.  He was the best player by far on Michigan's defense but yet everyone talks about future bust Jabrill Peppers instead.  Anyways Taco should be on Mayock's list.  Garrett is the clear cut #1 overall pick at this point.  Garrett is a can't miss type of player unfortunately he will be going to Cleveland where clearly a lot of players wind up misses.  Williams is overrated and not better than Barnett, Thomas or Taco.  Williams is another guy with gun issues that got conveniently swept under the rug by Nick Saban.  Thomas is the whole package and will be a star in the NFL.  McKinley was great on a bad UCLA team and at worst should be a 2nd round pick.  Barnett is a guy scouts are high on but I never saw him dominate the college game.





1. Reuben Foster, Alabama

2. Haason Reddick, Temple

3. Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt

4. Jarrad Davis, Florida

5. Alex Anzalone, Florida

My thoughts:

Cunningham would be my #1.  That dude is all over the field and despite playing on a mediocre Vandy team he was the main reason they had a huge win at UGA.  Foster isn't a MIKE linebacker like Cunningham so he's going to be OLB but he seems a little small for the position.  Speed wise Foster is elite and I think he will be one of the better Bama NFL linebackers.  Temple's Reddick had an outstanding 22.5 tackles for loss.  No issues with Davis being up there but I would have JJ Watt's brother T.J. over Anzalone in the top 5. 



1. Sidney Jones, Washington

2. Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State

3. Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

4. Teez Tabor, Florida

5. Tre'Davious White, LSU

My thoughts:

No objections here.  Jones and Lattimore are basically the same player.  Lockdown corners who you could flip spots and it wouldn't really matter.  Beginning of the season I thought Humphrey was the best of the bunch but he slipped slightly.  All 5 of these guys should at the least be serviceable.



1. Malik Hooker, Ohio State

2. Jamal Adams, LSU

3. Jabrill Peppers, Michigan

4. Budda Baker, Washington

5. Obi Melifonwu, Connecticut

My thoughts:

Same with the top two cornerbacks the top two safeties in Hooker and Adams have set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.  Peppers might not go first round because he doesn't really have a position he plays that he excels at but his ability to return kicks should help his draft grade.  I like Baker more than Peppers because he can play centerfield and not let anything get on top of him because of his speed.  I'm not familiar with Melifonwu.

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Bill Murray's "I Ain't Afraid of No Goat" T-Shirt is an Instant Classic

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