Joel Klatt and Colin Cowherd talk Brian Kelly and place him in their top 5 coaches in College Football now

Fox Sports Joel Klatt came on Colin Cowherds "The Herd" show to talk college football and most of the discussion involved Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly and his place in the hierarchy of college football coaches.

For the record Klatt's top 5 are:

1. Nick Saban

2. Dabo Swinney

3. Lincoln Riley

4. Ryan Day

5. Brian Kelly

Right now it's hard to argue 4 of those top 5.  I'm not sure how you can put Ohio State's Ryan Day up there yet and not include a guy like Georgia's Kirby Smart.  Day has only coached 6 games so far at Ohio State with none of them cracking the top 25.  But yeah Saban, Dabo, Lincoln and even Kelly deserve to be mentioned in the top 5.  All have their programs humming along at either peak level or a step below.

What I don't agree with is the argument that Kelly has reached the peak at Notre Dame.  Cowherd seems to insist the best Notre Dame can do is lose by 6 points to Georgia and I simply don't agree with it.  ND has the talent and the depth to hang with all the big boys in college football.  Right now they don't have the elite playmakers on offense that the other teams do.  Once they get more of those in they can compete for Nattys.  

If you watched the Notre Dame Georgia game you will have noticed the Irish were more physical than the SEC darling Dawgs.  They went toe-to-toe from start to finish and controlled the line of scrimmage from both sides.  They simply don't have the playmakers at RB or WR to move the ball effectively vs a Georgia team that has more 5-stars on their roster than any other team in the country.  But once you get those kind of playmakers in (currently they got a 5-star WR, 5-star RB, and 5-star TE committed for the 2020 class) then you can let your playmakers take over like Clemson did vs Notre Dame and Alabama last year.

Personally I think Kelly stays at Notre Dame for at least another 3 years.  He's got his machine running smoothly up there and with 10 years under his belt under the Golden Dome it's his baby.  Can Notre Dame win a Natty with Kelly at coach?  Yes.  It might not be this season but I think they are set up to win double digit wins every year and be in the contention for the playoffs too.

Now they just got to develop those playmakers once they hit campus in the spring.

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Atlanta Braves closer Mark Melancon is ready to bring the energy and might murder every single Cardinals member and fan with this classic Twitter post

Look at those fucking eyes. They are as black as death.

My God what a psycho! Mark Melancon has rooms full of lamps made of human skin waiting for him tonight. He needs us all to bring the energy so he can take the Cardinals soul and shove it down Yadi's neck tattoo throat.  This is exactly what I want to see out of my closer before a huge game 5 tonight.

Braves by 100.  The King Acuna is gonna hit 3 bombs while throat-slashing the shit out of Neck Tat and flipping his bat to the Cardinals bullpen for that fairy who likes to blow kisses to the opposition.  The Cardinals organization might actually die tonight. 

Also it would be nice if the middle of the order would actually get some hits tonight for the Bravos.  Freddie, JD, Kakes, McCann would you please wake the fuck up and contribute?  You can't expect the King, Ozzie and Dansby to carry the whole offense.


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You be the judge: Did Oklahoma Sooners Jeremiah Criddell intentionally head-butt this police officer last week?

I'll be honest on first glance it looks like Oklahoma Sooners safety Jeremiah Criddell intentionally head-butted the police officer from behind.

The problem is we don't know all the circumstances that go into the head-butt.

We do know that the Sooners were going into half time up 21-7 in Lawrence, KS when one of the police officers assigned to protect Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley was head-butted by #22. Did he get pushed from behind? Was Criddell tripped? Did they know each other before and it was kind of a playful head-butt?

At last glance Criddell currently is the 3rd string nickel back on the Sooners defense.  This might have been Criddell's only contact all season near a football field.  I'm sure there is more to the story and Lincoln Riley will address the media with some answers.  If it was an accident no big deal.  If it was intentional though it's assault of a police officer.  Those are a big deal.

Going into a huge game this week vs rival Texas in the Red River Shootout I'm sure Riley and his players don't need the distraction.

What do you think?

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The newest viral shirt ready to take over the world: Minshew Mania

The Man.  The Myth.  The Minshew.

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This Fox College Football Tweet shows how the top 10 teams stack up in terms of 4 and 5-star recruits

Can't say I'm shocked at all by these numbers but I would guess a lot of my SEC friends would be.  Because all I ever hear about down here is how those northern Yankee teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame simply can't match up with the powerful SEC schools in talent and depth.  Clearly they are not only lacking education but need to actually watch the teams up north play.

This chart also shows you that Wisconsin has no chance of a Natty even if they somehow make the playoffs.  The Badgers basically have a fifth of the talent in terms of 4-star and 5-star recruits on their current roster.  That's an insane disparity.

Some of the numbers that were shocking to me was Clemson sitting at 8th in terms of quantity of 4/5 star players.  Only Wisconsin and Florida have less 4/5 star recruits. 

But if you look at the 5-star players Clemson has 7 and schools such as Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Florida only have one each.  Of course what's kind of shocking is UGA has double the 5-star players as Clemson right now.  Kirby Smart can out recruit anybody in the nation that's for damn sure.

But can he out coach Dabo?  Hopefully we get a chance to see it come playoff time.

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Current College Football National Championship odds are begging me to bet heavy

These current Vegas odds for the eventual 2019 National Champs in college football are practically begging the public to bet heavy and I'm not talking about the two favorites in Alabama and Clemson.

Yes I know Bama and Clemson both have had a stranglehold on the lipstick trophy the past 4 years basically lending it to each oher in odd/even years but I got a feeling this year is different.  Clemson was the odds on favorite and preseason #1 up until they nearly lost last week to North Carolina.  If UNC had converted the 2 and won the game you could have seen Clemson fall all the way to 40/1 odds with a team like Auburn.  But they pulled it out thanks to their defense and despite the early season sophomore slump from Lord Trevor Lawrence they still have a Mickey Mouse ACC schedule that sets up nicely for them to at least get back to the playoffs.

Alabama on the other hand plays in the SEC and despite their shitty September schedule their defense and more importantly their rushing attack has struggled.  They have basically put the whole team on the shoulders of Tua Tagovailoa and while you could argue it's not a bad thing since he will probably be the #1 draft pick in the NFL when he comes out early it's also a heavy burden because if he gets nicked up Bama could be fucked.  Tua has thrown for a million yards and a million TD already with no interceptions and they have needed it to beat lessor competition.  But soon they will have to face the likes of LSU and Auburn who both appear to be legit contenders in the SEC West.  Both have defenses with athletes who can punish Tua and knock him out of the game.  If Bama doesn't get their running game going they might not win either.  And if they do win them they still gotta face a UGA team in the SEC Championship in Atlanta that will be ready to knock down Goliath.

If I were a betting man the two teams I would be leaning heavily on right now is Ohio State and Oklahoma.  Right now Ohio State at 9/2 odds looks to me to be the most complete, dominate team in the nation.  Granted they haven't really played anybody but they are absolutely beating the shit out of their opponents from opening kickoff till the final whistle.  QB Justin Fields looks like a serious Heisman contender and he's not even close to being the best player on his team.  That distinction would go to defensive end Chase Young.  He's making a solid argument with Tua as the potential #1 pick next year.  He leads the nations in sacks and the Buckeyes defense has playmakers on all 3 levels.  Yes I know Ryan Day is a first year head coach but I don't see them slipping up anytime soon.

Oklahoma at 12/1 odds seems to be a little low.  The Sooners have throttled everybody this season much like the Buckeyes.  Of course they have not really played anybody worth a damn but still they have come out and stomped people's throats.  Like Ohio State they got a transfer QB in Jalen Hurts who has been absolutely lights out in Lincoln Riley's offense.  The problem is the Sooners still don't have a stout defense.  It's better than it's been in the past but it's still a Big 12 defense.  I can see rival Texas knocking them off.  I could also see the Sooners getting back to the playoffs again for a 4th time and finally slaying the SEC.  Remember they lost in OT to Georgia in 2017 and had a horrible 1st quarter last year vs Bama.  They are in the tier 2 of the college football hierarchy behind Bama and Clemson but are knocking on the door and this could be the year they finally barge into the tier 1 room.

UGA (7/1) and LSU (8/1) play tough SEC schedules the 2nd half of the season.  Both have great top 10 out of conference wins with UGA winning at home against Notre Dame and LSU going on the road to beat Texas.  Right now I could see both programs seriously competing for a National Championship but both will have to go through Auburn and Alabama to be given a chance to even make the playoffs.  That's some tough sledding.  And yes I could see both of them beating those programs but then you gotta figure they got at least one or two losses if not more coming just because of their schedules and the SEC Championship game.  I'm not so sure it's smart money to even say they can make the playoffs given there are 4 legitimate SEC title contenders this year.  

Same can be said for Auburn at 40/1.  They already have an impressive win vs Oregon but their schedule is absolutely brutal down the stretch.  This week they gotta go to Gainesville followed by a trip to LSU and then home games vs Georgia and Alabama.  Are you fucking kidding me?  If they can go 2-2 which would be very commendable they still won't make the SEC Championship game.  With a true freshman QB in Bo Nix I'd say their odds of winning the Natty with their schedule should be more like 200/1.

The only other teams I would be willing to throw some money on for a Natty is Texas (100/1) and Notre Dame (200/1).  Both programs lost hard fought, could have gone either way games vs top 5 opponents early on.  Both programs have enough talent and depth  and most importantly coaching to run the table the rest of the season.  Texas obviously has the tougher road being that they will have to beat Oklahoma twice just to make the playoffs.  That's a tall order that they nearly accomplished last season.  Notre Dame will not only have to win the rest of their games including road games in Michigan, Duke and Stanford but will need to beat USC at home and do it impressively.  They can't have fluke wins if they wanna move up into the top 4.  If you got cash to burn and are willing to take a big risk betting $5k on ND to win one million is your best long shot.

All the other schools listed like Florida, Baylor, Washington, Penn State, Oregon, Boise State, etc. have no shot, not even a long shot, of winning the Natty this year.


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The Notre Dame Football ICON Video vs Virginia shows how dominant Clark Lea's defense can be


All offseason we heard about the potential of Notre Dame's defense to dominate it's opponents especially at the defensive end position.  Unfortunately through the first 3 games (Louisville, New Mexico, Georgia) the defense only had 3 sacks combined with none of them coming from preseason All-American candidates Julian Okwara and Khalid Kareem.  Something needed to change and oh boy did it vs Virginia last Saturday.

8 sacks total for the Fighting Irish defense led to a dominating 2nd half in which ND beat 18th ranked Virginia 35-20.  Okwara and Kareem finally broke through with a combined 5.5 sacks with numerous forced fumbles and recoveries to shake the confidence of talented Virginia QB Bryce Perkins.  Perkins was for all intended purposes flawless in the 1st half leading Virginia to a 17-14 half time lead.  In the 2nd half though the defense stepped up and forced Perkins into multiple fumbles and two interceptions from Alohi Gilman and freshman sensation Kyle Hamilton.

If Notre Dame is going to in fact win out and give themselves a chance to make the playoffs at 11-1 they will need to rely heavily on Clark Lea's talented and deep defense.  Some of that depth on defense will be tested with senior DE Daelin Hayes out for the season now with a torn labrum and senior nickel back Shaun Crawford out at least a month with a dislocated elbow.  The good news is Hayes has already announced he will come back for a 5th season next year and Crawford's injury looked much worse than the initial prognosis.  Crawford will be back in November for big road games vs the likes of Duke and Stanford.

Before the season started a lot was made about the weakness of the ND defense up the middle with the departures of DT Jerry Tillery and LBs Te'von Coney and Drue Tranquill to the NFL.  Last year the defensive tackles combined for an impressive 10 tackles for loss on the season.  This year the starting combo of Kurt Hinish and Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa along with Jacob Lacey and Jayson Ademiloloa have already combined for 8 TFL through only 4 games. 

The linebacker core was suppose to take a huge hit this season but so far Asmar Bilal, Drew White and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah have combined for 13 TFL this season.  Last year the starting LB core of Tranquill, Coney and Bilal combined for 21 TFL for the whole season.  For everyone wanting to say this year's defense is worse up the middle I have to say the stats and numbers so far through the first month of the season simply don't back that assumption or observation up.  The DT and LB cores are way more athletic and fast this year in my opinion.  Kudos goes out to Lea and defensive line coach Mike Elston for developing these players.  Scary thing is everyone up the middle can come back next season with the exception of Bilal.

As the season progresses I expect Lea's defense to be even more dominate.  The 2nd half vs both Louisville and Virginia was where they set the bar.  They kept elusive QB in the pocket and punished them into turnovers.  The tackling in the UGA game was fundamentally sound through out giving the offense a chance to win the game.  I expect Lea will continue to dial up the pressure with the front 7 because he knows with the back end of the defense (Gilman, Hamilton, Jalen Elliott, Troy Pride, Tariq Bracy, etc.) they can play on islands and not get burned for big plays. 

With Okwara and Kareem emerging as the All-Americans we thought they could be going into the season and a group of DE backups (Ade, Jamir Jones, etc.) more than capable of holding their own I expect to see a ton of battered and bruised offensive backfields.  Team them up with a stout middle of the defense along with a swarming and fast LB core not to mention a secondary as good as any in the nation I have full confidence this defense will be even better than the 2012 unit that carried them to a National Title game.



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Our Drink Like A Champion Today T-shirts were front and center at the biggest college football game of the year UGA vs Notre Dame

No big deal.. just the most watched college football game of the year this past weekend in Athens GA as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish visited the #3 ranked Georgia Bulldogs in an epic battle which also featured our classic Drink Like A Champion Today t-shirt.

Thank you CBS for providing millions of eyeballs to see our glorious creation!

Also big thanks to all the people who attended this week in Athens who were sporting some SportsCrack swag.  We saw tons of Tailgate Like A Champion Shirts and Book It shirts along with a few Domers Vs Dawgs tees.

We also saw a ton of red representing the SportsCrack with our new RBU Run The Damn Ball shirt making the rounds around all the Athens bars and tailgates.

UGA won the game 23-17 in front of a record breaking crowd that came down to the final possession.  While Notre Dame didn't pull off the victory they did manage to give UGA all they could handle.  This game had the feel of a real playoff game atmosphere and it wouldn't suck to see these two programs run the table the rest of the season and give us a rematch on a neutral field.

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Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Geoff Collins wore the SportsCrack "Hamilton: All-American" shirt to his press conference

Big tip of the cap to Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets head football coach Geoff Collins wearing our Hamilton: All-American t-shirt at yesterday's press conference.  It's been a tough go so far for the Yellow Jackets this season with the transition to a new offense but Collins will surely get them turned around.  If anything the Hamilton shirt should be good luck this week as Collins goes back up to Temple where he came from last season to take on the Owls as a 8.5 underdog.

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By god he's only a freshman with a baby face but there is no doubt Hamilton is an All-American ball player already.

Check out this play:

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