No Big Deal Just Tom Brady French Kissing His Son

I don't want to sound like a prude but even Jerry Sandusky got a little uncomfortable with Tom Brady's son going in for seconds with a kiss that seemed way too passionate for any, you know, normal human being.  


Not only is Tom Brady the greatest QB of all-time with his five Super Bowl rings but apparently he's the greatest at letting a grown man massage him while making out with his son on camera.  Again these are perfectly normal activities and I am in no way judging Brady for tongue fighting his young son.  I mean you can only imagine what goes on when cameras aren't around if this kind of shit is "normal" in the Brady household.  Gotta cringe when Brady says to his son "what do I get" and "that was just a peck" in order for him to make out with his son.  But then again with the recent scandals at Penn State and Michigan State it's only perfectly normal for a Michigan man like Tom Brady to keep the Big Ten rolling in the "To Catch A Predator" standings.

Now excuse me while I go bathe in vinegar.  By the way Eagles win by 3 touchdowns now.  No way Brady overcomes this.  His legacy will always be remembered for frenching his son right before Super Bowl 52 and thus destroying the Patriots dynasty internally like his tongue in his son's mouth and soul.

PS I did some more research and it looks like Tom Brady likes to make out with all of his family members including his parents.  Okey dokey.

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