Top MLB Prospect Ronald Acuna arrives early to Braves Spring Training hoping to make the Opening Day roster

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Top 10 MLB Underpaid Players

It might be an oxymoron to say any ballplayer in the majors is underpaid when the bare minimum MLB salary is over $400k a year but when you look at the insane contracts thrown out every offseason to free agents you can say these 10 guys are steals for the production they put on the field.  Not surprisingly all of these guys have yet to explore the free agent market while most are on their rookie contracts.  What is surprising is how many Yankees and Dodgers are on this list starting off with the rookie of the year.

1) Aaron Judge, Yankees ($544,500)

Judge was the MLB story of the year with a historic rookie season in the Bronx.  Judge led the league with 52 HRs, 128 runs, 127 walks and 208 strikeouts.  Factor in his WAR of 8.1 along with his rookie salary and Judge was by far the most underpaid player in the game while also being arguably the face of the game last year.

2) Tommy Pham, Cardinals ($438,450)

In his 4th big league season with the Cardinals Pham put up career high numbers with an incredible .931 OPS in 530 plate appearances which was more than he had his first 3 years combined.  Pham finished 11th in MVP voting while making just barely over the league minimum.

3) Luis Severino, Yankees ($550,975)

In just his 3rd season Severino had a breakout season for the Pinstripes while making his first All-Star team and finishing 3rd in the Cy Young race.  Severino nearly tossed 200 innings while maintaining and ERA under 3 which is no small feat especially with pitching in home run friendly Yankees Stadium.

4) Corey Seager, Dodgers ($575,000)

Coming off his rookie of the year season in 2016 Seager put up a 5.6 WAR season for the Dodgers while playing an excellent shortstop and winning his 2nd Silver Slugger Award.  I would say he's worth every penny and he made less than what a duplex would sell for in Los Angeles.

5) Chris Taylor, Dodgers ($485,218)

Another Dodger makes the list as Taylor enjoyed a breakout season in Los Angeles for the NL Champions in just his 4th season.  The utility player got 140 starts at a combination of middle infield and outfield while hitting 21 HRs and an excellent .850 OPS.

6) Jimmy Nelson, Brewers ($547,000)

This Brewers starter enjoyed a breakout campaign in his 5th season with 12 wins, 199 strikeouts and finishing in the top 10 for the NL Cy Young.  With a 4.9 WAR the cost was about $111k per WAR which made Nelson a bargain considering CC Sabathia cost nearly $20 million per WAR last year alone.

7) Zack Godley, Diamondbacks ($409,220)

For the league minimum in salary the Dbacks got a pitcher in Godley who threw over 150 innings with a 3.37 ERA and 165 K's.

8) Cody Bellinger, Dodgers ($476,480)

Make that 3 Dodgers on this list of underpaid players which seems crazy since their payroll was north of $200 million last season.  The NL Rookie of the year put up 39 HRs and nearly drove in 100 runs despite being in the minors for the first month and a half.

9) Aaron Nola, Phillies ($544,000)

Despite playing on an awful Phillies team Nola put up some outstanding numbers while securing a spot in the rotation in just his third big league season.  A winning record, 3.54 ERA and 184 K's is no small feat while making less than a tenth of what Cole Hamels made last season.

10) Gary Sanchez, Yankees ($557,900)

What in the world is going on when you have 3 Yankees that are actually UNDERPAID?  Sanchez followed up his excellent rookie season with an even better sophomore campaign which included 33 HRs, an All-Star appearance and a Silver Slugger award.  It's amazing to think the combination of the two Baby Bombers (Aaron Judge) made just a tad over a million last season while putting up over 80 HRs and 200 RBIs.

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No Big Deal Just Tom Brady French Kissing His Son

I don't want to sound like a prude but even Jerry Sandusky got a little uncomfortable with Tom Brady's son going in for seconds with a kiss that seemed way too passionate for any, you know, normal human being.  

Not only is Tom Brady the greatest QB of all-time with his five Super Bowl rings but apparently he's the greatest at letting a grown man massage him while making out with his son on camera.  Again these are perfectly normal activities and I am in no way judging Brady for tongue fighting his young son.  I mean you can only imagine what goes on when cameras aren't around if this kind of shit is "normal" in the Brady household.  Gotta cringe when Brady says to his son "what do I get" and "that was just a peck" in order for him to make out with his son.  But then again with the recent scandals at Penn State and Michigan State it's only perfectly normal for a Michigan man like Tom Brady to keep the Big Ten rolling in the "To Catch A Predator" standings.

Now excuse me while I go bathe in vinegar.  By the way Eagles win by 3 touchdowns now.  No way Brady overcomes this.  His legacy will always be remembered for frenching his son right before Super Bowl 52 and thus destroying the Patriots dynasty internally like his tongue in his son's mouth and soul.

PS I did some more research and it looks like Tom Brady likes to make out with all of his family members including his parents.  Okey dokey.

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Bud Light's "Dilly Dilly" New Commercial Ad for Super Bowl 52

Bud Light's "Dilly Dilly" New Commercial Ad for Super Bowl 52

Meh.  I feel like this one was a swing and a miss.  Like a Matt Ryan to Julio Jones pass with less than a minute to go in Philadelphia.  It should have been caught by Julio and this Dilly Dilly commercial should have sealed it for Bud Light's championship run in funny commercials.  But this one tried too hard and honestly it wasn't funny.  The Bud Knight just doesn't work.  I need more of the goofy monk yelling "Dilly Dilly." Hopefully this is just some fake commercial release by Budweiser to get people to talk how bad it is only to release an actual funny one come game day.

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Philly Philly Eagles Beer Shirts now for sale!

Philly Philly Eagles Beer Shirts now for sale!


The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl and what better shirt is there to wear than our classic "Philly Philly" friends of the crown shirt?  

We kept with the simple design of our Dilly Dilly shirts and just changed the wording to Philly Philly while going with the classic throwback Randall Cunningham green shirt.  Philadelphia Eagles fans can avoid the pit of misery and be a true friend of hopefully the Super Bowl crown with this original SportsCrack Philly Philly Shirt. 

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#33Trucking Board Meeting

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Must Watch Notre Dame - Miami Hype Video for Catholics vs Convicts 2017

This feels like the good old days when both of these programs were battling for #1 supremacy.  #3 Notre Dame vs #7 Miami for a chance to stay in the playoff hunt.  Catholics vs the undefeated Convicts in Miami on primetime TV is what college football is all about.



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Deshone Kizer spotted in Cleveland buying 540 Condoms

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Alabama Grandma Fan Learns the Hard Way Smoking is not allowed in Bryant-Denny Stadium

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Notre Dame All-American Left Tackle Mike McGlinchey "I'm Just Blocking Man" Video

Notre Dame All-American Left Tackle Mike McGlinchey "I'm Just Blocking Man" Video

“I’m just blocking man.” -@mmcglinch68

A post shared by Barstool Irish (@ndbarstool) on

Whether it be blocking people on social media or opening holes for #33Trucking to drive through Notre Dame left tackle Mike McGlinchey is a man of few words but many pancake blocks.  He's the Bubba Gump of blocks whether it be hoops blocking, fidget spinner blocking, jenga blocking and the occasional cock blocking.  McGlinchey did another excellent round of blocking vs Wake Forest to help Notre Dame gain 720 total yards of offense including 380 on the ground.  Keep on blocking Big Mike so we can get #33 to truck it to New York City.

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