Tiffany Gomas, The Hot #TMFINR Plane Lady, Keeps Playing Coy About What She Really Saw on the Plane

Listen here Tiffany Gomas, you late 30's smokeshow, we know you saw something.  You can't just keep playing grab ass with us and not expect to have questions.  Did you see an alien?  Were you having a panic attack?  Did the drugs kick in too quickly?  Are you available for drinks later?  

All of these are valid questions.  Whether or not you are gonna answer them is just teasing us.  You got nearly 100k Instagram followers.  What's next?


We get it.  You like the Dallas Cowboys.


What we need to know is what is gonna take for you to start posting SportsCrack shirts on your Insta?  We aren't begging but yes we are begging.


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Big Blow for Fantasy Owners: Jonathan Taylor won’t be traded from the Colts and he’s expected to miss the 1st 4 games

Just a tremendous gut punch to all the Fantasy Football owners out there who have Jonathan Taylor.  Being put on the PUP list is like a giant kick to the nuts.  Luckily for myself I didn't take Taylor and instead rolled with rookie of the year Bijan Robinson, Aaron Jones, and Rhamondre Stevenson for my backfield.  Gotta defend that Fantasy Football Championship!

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Dan Patrick's Source Confirms Jon Gruden Was "In The Mix" For Notre Dame Job | 08/29/23

Some interesting coaching tidbits from Dan Patrick regarding the Notre Dame head coaching job.  I'm team Marcus Freeman for obvious reasons but to hear that Jon Gruden was a very real possibility as Brian Kelly's replacement is something I never heard of before other than messageboard gossip.

It still kills me to hear how close ND was getting to land Urban Meyer though.  I was convinced back in 2005 Urban was coming home to Notre Dame so to speak to coach the Irish.   ND Legend Jerome Bettis telling Patrick that all it was gonna take to get Urban to ND was to allow a couple of recruits in who were borderline students but were denied by the administration is just another gut punch.  I'm convinced Urban would have won at least one title, if not multiple, with a QB like Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen under his coaching.

Oh well.  I mean it's only been 30 plus years since ND won a championship or a major bowl game.  I'm sure those two borderline players like a Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes wouldn't have made a championship difference at Notre Dame wink wink.  Tim Tebow would have probably been a Domer if Urban took the ND job if the administration let in Harvin and Spikes.  Fucking idiots.

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BREAKING: Ryan Day has named Kyle McCord as Ohio State's starting QB in Week 1 vs. Indiana

Ohio State Football head coach Ryan Day has finally made the call for the Buckeye's starting QB and it is none other than 5-star QB Kyle McCord.  McCord beats out Devin Brown for the start vs Indiana this week but Day has said Brown will play. 

You know the old adage "if you have two quarterbacks you really have none?"  I'm not so sure that applies here especially when it comes to quarterbacks under Day.  Day has developed Heisman finalists basically every season at the QB position so I'm sure with whomever he rolls with in a month when Ohio State visits Notre Dame they will perform up to elite standards.

Because let's be honest here.  The Buckeyes offensive cupboard is filled with 5-star wideouts and runningbacks.  All the QB does is have to get them the ball and they can work their magic.  But all in all it can't be the greatest locker room when you have two QBs who think they should both be starting over the other.

By the way have you seen our classic "Catholics vs Classless" t-shirts?  You should get ready for the big Notre Dame vs Ohio State clash on September 23rd with this shirt! 

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Some Ronald Acuna Jr Fans Rushed the Field in Colorado and Created Havoc by trying to play tummy sticks with him

Look, I get it.  Ronald Acuna Jr is the best player on the planet not named Shohei Ohtani. 

He's gonna win the NL MVP running away.  Ignore those stupid Vegas odds of Mookie Betts as the new favorite.  Mookie couldn't dream of putting up a 40 HR -70 SB season that Acuna is on pace for.  Nobody has done it before. 

But back to my original point.  We can't have assholes rushing the field and hugging ball players while taking selfies in the middle of the game.  Last night during the 7th inning stretch in Colorado two jackasses tried to play tummy sticks with Acuna in RF.  Not only should these guys be in jail but you gotta ban them for life from any sporting event.  Castration isn't off limits here.  I'm just saying.  No one goes out and violates our MVP.  No one.

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Irish Breakdown Podcast Host Vince DeDario Proves You Can Never Trust a Fart After the Age of 40

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Where can you get those Marcus Freeman Notre Dame Ireland Flag Football Apparel Hoodies? Right here!

We all love the Marcus Freeman apparel he regularly sports but it's always either hard to find or impossible since they were only made for the Notre Dame Football head coach himself. 

But now you can get the MF inspired customized Ireland Flag Football Hoodie he was seen wearing in Dublin, Ireland at his Notre Dame vs Navy Press conference. 

They come in both IRISH GREEN and BLUE in adult sizes Small - 5XL.


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Notre Dame Offensive Tackle Blake Fisher: "My Fight, My Why, is my Sister!"

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Notre Dame Football coach Marcus Freeman Navy week press conference


Notre Dame is off to Ireland this week. The Fighting Irish begin the 2023 season

against Navy at Aviva Stadium in Dublin this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Head coach Marcus Freeman will speak to the media at 12 p.m. ET Monday to give updates on the Irish five days ahead of the season opener. Watch live via the link below and follow along with written, real-time updates as well.

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Did Notre Dame just land the "Baby Bus" in Running Back Jadarian Price? #IrishRising22

Who am I to argue with Notre Dame legends Jerome Bettis and Golden Tate?  If they think RB Jadarian Price is the "Baby Bus" well then the Price has got to be Right.

Price is the #5 rated all-purpose back in the nation and getting him out of Texas was a major coup for coaches Marcus Freeman, Tommy Rees, and Lance Taylor.  With starting RB Kyren Williams already declaring for the NFL Draft Price will be entering a very talented RB room in 2022 that only consists of 3 players: Chris Tyree, Logan Diggs and Audric Estime.  With the numbers at WR already pretty low you could see a RB like Tyree play more slot receiver next year which would open up more playing time for the "Baby Bus."

Check out some of Price's highlights...


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