Watch Mike Trout rob Christian Yelich's home run with a catch over the fence

Worth every single penny. Mike Fucking Trout. Even Christian Yelich had to smile and nod in respect to the greatness that is Trout.

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Orioles' Chris Davis Breaks Record for Longest Hitless Streak in MLB History

Congratulations go out to Baltimore Orioles first basemen for creating baseball history tonight. With his 0-for-3 start tonight vs the Oakland A's in front of a record low Camden Yards crowd of 6500 Davis is now 0-for-47 dating back to his last hit in September of 2018. Not great. But the good news is Davis has been hitting the ball solid tonight which is no small feat considering he came in tonight's game 0-for-23 with 13 K's in the young season. Also more good news is that the Orioles only owe him $23 million per season for the next 4 seasons so he's basically untouchable. Just imagine the records that Chris Davis will set in an Orioles uniform. Somewhere Cal Ripken Jr laughs...or cries.


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No Big Deal just Ronald Acuna Jr going 434 feet opposite field

He makes it look so damn simple.  It really shouldn't be.  The Phenom just flipped his bat like a fly swatter and launched it 434 feet oppo with an exit velocity of 111 mph. The scary thing about this Braves lineup is Acuna and Josh Donaldson haven't really heated up yet. Just wait. It's gonna be unfair especially when you got a guy like Dansby Swanson hitting 8th in the lineup some nights.

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National Championship Game: Texas Tech vs Virginia Odds and Predictions

After Auburn gifted Virginia's Kyle Guy three free throws with less than 2 seconds left with a beyond stupid foul we get to tonight's Natty between two teams who have never won a championship in basketball.  Currently the #1 seed Virginia Cavaliers are a slight 1.5 point favorite vs #3 seed Texas Tech.  The game will be played tonight in Minneapolis in front of 70,000 attendees who will most likely squint to see the ants playing hoops from the upper deck nosebleeds.  Playing basketball in football stadiums are stupid.  I've attended NCAA  tourney and ACC Tourney games at the old Georgia Dome.  Not the best views.  Enough of my rant.  Let's take a look at the best bets and predictions for Texas Tech vs. Virginia.


Both Virginia and Texas Tech are known for their defenses.  It can be boring at times because their offenses do a lot of run the clock, play half court snooze fests especially Virginia.  This will be a low scoring affair so I gotta take the UNDER in the first half which is 53.5 points (-110).  There will be a lot of blocked shots, missed threes and turnovers while both teams play out the butterflies in the first 20 minutes.

PREDICTION: UNDER 53.5 first-half points (-110)


Like I said earlier Virginia got a gift from Auburn to even be playing in this game.  When you are up 4 points with less than 10 seconds to go the odds are overwhelming you should win the game.  But Auburn choked despite going on an epic run with less than 10 minutes left in the game to take the lead.  Virginia got lucky. 

Texas Tech on the other hand comes in hot.  They dominated Michigan State.  The game was never in question even with Jarrett Culver struggling with only 10 points.  They beat Izzo by 10 points.  Four of their five tournament games have come by double digits.  In fact I'm a little shocked the Red Raiders are the underdog even if they are the lower seeded team.  You can take them on the money line if you want too.

PREDICTION: Texas Tech +1.5 (+110)

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Baseball Porn: Mike Trout's Home Run Swing

I'm not a gay man but after watching this full torque Mike Trout swing that sent the baseball 422 feet deep I would go full torque deep in Trout.  Only if he asked of course.

Here's another view in case you haven't gotten enough baseball porn today...




Man it's hot in here in the old cubicle today.  That swing...

And in case you were wondering why Mike Trout got the richest contract in sports history I present another highlight in the same game showing off his arm.




 Nothing to see here. I'm just gonna need some alone time thanks to Trout.  I salute you...


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The new Joker (2019) trailer was released today

I'll just leave this here. Watch the whole thing.! Sign me the fuck up!  Joaquin Phoenix is gonna make us all forget about Heath Ledger.

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Watch Dansby Swanson hit his first ever opposite field home run followed by Ozzie Albies going oppo too

My god it's beautiful. This right here is baseball porn. Lord Dansby Swanson of Marietta going with the pitch and crushing it into the right centerfield bleachers is amazing in itself but this is in fact Dansby's first ever oppo of his career. Hard to believe.


Two batters later Ozzie Albies joined the oppo party...


If these two young bucks continue to go opposite field the Braves lineup should be lethal all season. I would like to add Ozzie looks fucking awesome in the leadoff spot. Just saying.


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Checking in with Paige Spiranac aka Instagram Golf Girl

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Phil Mickelson shuts up country music star Jake Owen by telling him to "go f*ck yourself"

I've got a new respect for old pancake tits Phil Mickelson after hearing this story from Jake Owen. When you are as rich ($375 million) as flapjacks Phil is you basically have an endless amount of "fuck you money." And the best part of having fuck you money is the ability to use it to your advantage. I had never heard of Jake Owen before this story and I doubt Phil even remembered his name at Jordan Spieth's wedding after reportedly pocketing nearly $10 million for 3 hours of boring golf vs Tiger Woods the day before. To simply give Owen a c-note and telling him to "go fuck yourself" is all-time non apology.  Respect.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Story via The Fore Play Pod

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The AAF Has Already Died, All Football Operations Stopped

Can't stop us eh? Yeah...

Damn son it couldn't even last one full season! Now where am I going to watch D League football players I don't give a shit about these days? Think about the children with their Johnny Football Memphis jerseys now as worthless as their dreams of not attending a game.

I'm not gonna say I told you so but who actually thought the AAF would work besides Tom Dundon?  There is no way you can compete with the NFL and sports fans in general when you got players on your roster that nobody cares about.  I was flipping the tube on Sunday and just happened to come upon an AAF game on the NFL Network and I shit you not I've seen high school games with four times the attendance of what was shown. 

But don't worry because the XFL is about to get rebooted in 2020.  I'm sure Vince McMahon learned his lesson in 2001 when after one season the original XFL League got shut down because you guessed it...nobody gave a shit.  This time should be different though considering WWE ratings are plummeting right?


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