Cam Newton's time in Carolina is done and we should have seen it years ago when this Kyle Allen commercial hit the airwaves

Cam Newton was officially placed on the IR today.  He's due for $19 million next season but the Panthers can cut him and not owe him another penny.  With his injury concerns and his lofty payrate and his questionable clothing attire there is little doubt Newton's time in Carolina is coming to an end.

Which opens the door for Kyle Allen to be the starter for the foreseeable future in Charlotte.  And quite honestly we should have seen this all coming.  Hell there was a Kyle Allen commercial years ago even claiming he was coming for Cam's job..



But don't worry about Cam. He's got plenty of money to fall back on from his Auburn playing days. And it's not like he's making bad financial decisions such as opening up a cigar shop in downtown Atlanta where nobody goes. Nope. Not at all.
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The Washington Nationals Kurt Suzuki wore a MAGA Hat and got a Donald Trump hug at the White House

I don't care what your politics are this is great entertainment. The Washington Nationals won the World Series and went to the White House to celebrate yesterday with president Donald Trump. Big swinging dick catcher Kurt Suzuki decided to wear a MAGA hat and Trump couldn't have been more proud. Look at that hug. That's the kind of loving embrace you only see from Dan Mullen's wife on his Gators players before kickoff.  Those kind of hugs Make America Great Again.

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Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend Olivia Culpo's Instagram reminds us she's not bad on the eyes

You know for a simple Rhode Island girl with over 4 million Instagram followers Olivia Culpo is doing a good job. She's dated the likes of Nick Jonas and Tim Tebow along with Danny Amendola after winning not only Miss USA but Miss Universe competitions.

She is currently dating Carolina Panther's All-Pro RB and my #1 Fantasy Football stud Christian McCaffrey who praised her for getting some Sports Illustrated Swimsuit work on her resume.

Not only does McCaffrey have great hands on the football field but apparently he has great vision off it landing an absolute dime piece in Olivia Culpo.

When a model is wearing your own jersey I'm pretty sure that makes it internet official.  These two have definitely swapped fluids.  They were spotted in the offseason in Mexico together.  Someone needs to inform Christian he needs to start hitting the weights a little more.

 Anyways enough about Christian.  Let's take a look at Culpo's Instagram.




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And if you are human and are more interested in the NSFW pictures of Culpo feel free to take a look.

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Is Bob Stoops to FSU really happening?

Are things moving fast in Tallahassee or what?

First off they fired head coach Willie Taggart Sunday shortly after they lost to their rival Miami. Next thing you know Bob Stoop's name starts popping up as the replacement. Is it real? Is it just smoke to get another candidate to sign on? I don't fucking know but what I do know is if you fire a coach during the season you better have a legit candidate waiting in the wings as a replacement.

Bob Stoops would be one of those perfect candidates.  He's won a Natty.  He's taken a program to the playoffs.  He wins way more than he loses and appears to be a stand up guy who can recruit with the best of them.  He's basically everything that Taggart was not.  Stoops no doubt would crush it for FSU and would give the Seminoles fans a reason to cheer their team again.  But is he even interested?

Not if you look at Stoops Twitter timeline where he was too busy last night promoting Tequila...




So maybe Stoops really loves his tequila and is not interested in getting back into the college coaching ranks. After all he is suppose to be coaching a soon to be defunct team in the soon to be defunct league XFL starting in February.  ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit caught up with Stoops to get his thoughts on the FSU job...




Well there you go. Stoops is not going to FSU. We all know coaches and their agents would never lie about potential landing spots for their services. Or would they?

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Kevin Harlan's Monday Night Football Radio Call of the cat on the field is classic

This was the highlight of the Monday Night Football game with Dallas battling a terrible Giants team in New Jersey. A black cat who's name is probably Jason Kitten ran onto the field and delayed the game for a few minutes. It was a NFL game so I was shocked not to see at least three flags thrown on the cat for illegal procedure, uniform violation, and offsides while streaking. Westworld One's Kevin Harlan delivered the play-by-play purrfectly.
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Watch Jimmy Garoppolo make Erin Andrew's panties drop with his "Baby" comment

Look I'm not a gay man but if Jimmy Garoppolo is flashing that little game winning smirk and those smoldering eyes while calling me "Baby" there's no doubt it would move.

Yes IT.

Now you can only imagine how Erin Andrews felt last night. She probably broke out in a sweat and had to change her clothes from all the pent up sexual desires her little heart took from Jimmy G.

8-0 baby.

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College Football Week 10 Vegas Odds and Picks

It's kind of hard to believe we are already in week 10 of the college football season.  We've had three straight weeks of major upsets (Georgia, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma losing) so don't be surprised if we get another one.  Unfortunately I don't expect any of the top 4 to lose since 3 of them don't even play and Clemson plays Wofford (see below).  But I do like some road dogs and even some home dogs this week.

Virginia Tech (+17.5) at Notre Dame - In the last 6 quarters vs Michigan and USC combined Notre Dame has been outscored 69-27.  Meanwhile the Hokies have won 5 of their last 6.  I'm not sure why Notre Dame is a 3 score favorite here even at home where they have won 15 in a row.  I think it's gonna be a close game.  Gotta take the Hokies and the points here as the road dog.

Florida (+6.5) vs UGA - I'm back and forth with this game.  I don't know who will win and I don't have a favorite.  Since I don't have a feeling on this game I gotta go with a close game and since UGA is basically a touchdown favorite I'm leaning with the Gators here.  Right now the Over/Under is 44.5 and I think it's gonna be a 20-17 type game with I gotta go with the UNDER and Florida as the road dog.

USC (+4) vs Oregon - Oregon has come back the last two weeks to win by a field goal over Washington and Washington State.  They are now being talked about as the PAC 12 representative in the playoffs if they win out.  Not so fast my friends.  The Ducks luck runs out in South Central as Slovis get USC a huge home win and perhaps delays the firing of Clay Helton.

Clemson (-46) vs Wofford - This is an epic matchup....of mismatched programs.  I can't even tell you where Wofford is but I can tell you that Clemson will cover the spread by halftime.  Travis Etienne will run for a billion yards and Sunshine will be sitting on the bench in the 2nd half because Clemson will be slaughtering poor Wofford.  Clemson covers easily.

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Watch this NSFW World Series viral video of two Instagram models exposing their boobs to pitcher Gerrit Cole last night

If MLB wants more young people to stay up and watch the World Series this is one sure fire way to get more viewers. Game 5 of the 2019 World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals showed that boobs do have a place in the national past time on primetime TV.   The culprits of the fantastic boobs flashing were Instagram models Julia Rose and Lauren Summer.  Shortly after flashing FOX TV live cameras #WorldSeriesBoobs was trending on Twitter.

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Houston starter Gerritt Cole managed to ignore the boobs and get the victory in the process to give the Astros a 3-2 series lead as they head back to Houston.  But he's never forget about the boobs in Washington D.C. Nationals Park.  How could he?  Unfortunately if Cole ever wants to see them live during one of his outings it isn't gonna happen legally as Julia Rose and Lauren Summer have been banned from all MLB events and games for their lifetimes.





What are you doing MLB? If anything you should be celebrating these boobs being exposed to everybody because now people are actually talking about the game!  You are getting loads of viewers and clicks which helps your advertisers out all because a couple of women decided to flash their ta-ta's.  This could become a new tradition in baseball that is completely unique to the sport and fucking awesome may I add.  It could be a 6th inning flash promotion.

Anyways it's my civic duty to show you more of Julia Rose and Lauren Summer so here you go.  This is for research purposes of course.

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where we going?

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the perfect weather to ride with the top off

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Sand me your best beach puns 🌊

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Safety first 🏎

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I need to find a bikini that fits 👙

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If you were interested in a whole breakdown of how the flashing World Series boobs came to fruition check out this video recap...

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guess what day it is

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ready for cold weather hbu

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me when someone asks what my ideal date is

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thot girl summer

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Released

Take a deep breath nerds. Change your underwear if necessary. The final trailer for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" was released yesterday during the thrilling half time of the Patriots Jets game and the world did not stop spinning on it's axis.

Kylo Ren and Rey are back from "The Force Awakens" to either battle it out, join forces, or make out with each other.  We don't know yet and the trailer doesn't reveal any concrete clues.  We will have to wait till Christmas to figure out how the saga ends.  The only thing we found out from the trailer is you can in fact buy tickets right now for the movie two months in advance.

Awesome.  And yes I will be one of those nerds eagerly awaiting it's release.  It's fucking Star Wars after all.  

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College Football Top 10 Week 9

1 Ohio State - Right now the Buckeyes seem to be the most complete team in college football.  Offensively, defensively, special teams and coaching are all top 5 right now.  The Buckeyes should get a test this week as an angry Wisconsin team looks to rebound from an embarrassing Illinois loss.

2 LSU - The Tigers get my #2 spot because so far they have proven the most of any SEC Team.  With top 10 wins over Texas on the road and Florida at home they have answered every challenge.  This week Joe Burrow will look to create even greater distance in the Heisman race with Auburn coming to town.

3 Alabama - The Crimson Tide continue to dominate their opponents but they lost QB Tua Tagovailoa to a high ankle sprain this past week vs Tennessee.  The Vols were hanging on with Bama before a huge defensive touchdown turned the momentum.  Losing Tua shouldn't hurt vs Arkansas this week but come LSU on November 9th if they don't have him 100% you gotta think Bama is the underdogs for the first time in a decade.

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4 Oklahoma - Jalen Hurts continues to shred defenses as the Sooners scored over 50 points in a rout of West Virginia on Saturday.  The Sooners WRs don't get a lot of credit but my God they do a great job of getting separation from the defenders and making tough catches over the middle.  This week they gotta go to Kansas State for a 11am kickoff.  Upset brewing?  After Wisconsin lost to Illinois don't be surprised.

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5 Clemson - I still don't know what to make of Trevor Lawrence this season.  He had some terrible throws vs Louisville but thanks to his wideouts and his defense they saved his ass.  Clemson's defense is almost next level special right now with LB Isaiah Simmons all over the field.

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6 Notre Dame - The Irish had a BYE week after beating USC two weeks ago.  This week they face their other arch rival with a trip to Michigan.  If Notre Dame wins they should cruise to an 11-1 season with a good shot of returning to the playoffs.

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7 Penn State - The Nittany Lions remained undefeated with a hard fought victory over Michigan in the annual White Out game.  The game should have at least gone to overtime but Michigan's WR Ronnie Bell inexplicable dropped the ball in the endzone on 4th down.  This week Penn State travels to East Lansing to take on Sparty.

8 Georgia - The Dawgs shut out Kentucky 21-0 in a rain soaked, half attended bore fest in Athens Saturday night.  De'Andre Swift was his normal awesome self with 179 yards rushing.  The Dawgs will look to get their offense rolling in two weeks vs Florida with an off week this week to prepare.

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9 Florida - The Gators got the benefit of the doubt on some rather erroneous officiating calls vs the Cocks to win 38-27 in a game they should have probably lost.  They get an off week to prepare for UGA in Jacksonville.  Whoever wins the game will probably be in Atlanta to get thumped by the SEC West champ.

10 Oregon - I'll be honest I don't feel great about putting Oregon over Auburn here since technically the Tigers already beat the Ducks.  But it just feels like Oregon continues to get better while Auburn has hit their peak early on and fading to the 3-5 losses we all saw before the season kicked off.

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