Lindsey Vonn crashes hard in her final Super-G race of career

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Rob Gronkowski celebrates during Super Bowl Parade by getting frisky with SI swimsuit model Camille Kostek

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tastes like a champion

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We all know Gronk is just a big ole Teddy Bear in real life...
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Girl Power

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Camille is a rookie in the SI Swimsuit model game and one of her personal trainers is Gronk which makes sense when you consider 99.9% of personal trainers eventually sleep with their clients. Don't argue it's a scientific fact.
And you can clearly see Gronk's personal training sessions with his girlfriend have paid off.
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I got this really crazy overwhelming feeling of excitement out of no where and remembered I am smack dab in the middle of experiencing and living a dream of mine. This euphoric feeling can’t be shook. Amongst all, I’m living this model dream of mine in the shape that I feel most myself in. The shape and size that had worked against me in the industry for years, was the same body I got to rock in my @si_swimsuit debut 👙 I’m going to continue standing tall and posing proud for my girls to embody all that they are 💪 We are all capable of truly anything and I’m a firm believer that if you hustle with heart your timing will all make sense 🧚‍♂️ . Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018

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Catholics Versus Khakis T-Shirts now for sale

Catholics Versus Khakis T-Shirts now for sale

It's been a few years since they played but the heated college football rivalry that is Notre Dame vs Michigan is back in 2018 and has a new SportsCrack shirt: CATHOLICS VS KHAKIS!

The rivalry should only get more intense as Jim Harbaugh will enter his first time at Rock's House in the maize, blue and khakis as a head coach.  What better way to celebrate what should be a magical season for the Blue and Gold and kick off the season than with the official "Catholics versus Khakis" t-shirt.

A portion of all sales from the Catholics Vs Khakis shirts will go to the American Cancer Society.

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Atlanta Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos discusses Jose Bautista's start for the 1st place Braves

Not gonna lie here.  I'm not a huge fan at all of this move.  The Atlanta Braves are currently kicking ass after sweeping the New York Mets on the road and are back home finally after a long road trip which sees them in 1st place in the NL East.  The clubhouse chemistry is great right now with young studs (Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuña Jr., Mike Sorotka, etc.) mixed in with the vets (Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis, Kurt Suzuki, etc.) and all of a sudden you want to throw in Joey Bats to the mix?
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Coming to a ballpark near you this spring is the greatest show we simply call "OZZIE FEST."  This helmet flying, slugging, diving, high fiving, scoring and hitting machine has taken over this spring.  Show your love for Atlanta's #1 tomahawk chopping young phenom with this original OZZIE FEST t-shirt.



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Cleveland Browns fans react to the Baker Mayfield draft pick

Browns fans are PUMPED for Baker Mayfield @lacesoutshow

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Even if Baker Mayfield pans out to be more Drew Brees than Johnny Manziel can you really blame Cleveland fans to reacting like this on draft day? These fans have been shit on for decades now because Cleveland has no idea how to develop a competitive NFL team. Every year it seems they draft another QB and throw them in the deep end of the pool with a cinderblock attached to their waist and hope they don't drown. Last year they actually made some good picks by drafting Myles Garrett #1 overall and he went on to have a tremendous rookie season.  They stuck with defense at the end of the first and got Jabrill Peppers who was decent.  Then they drafted the QB in the 2nd round in DeShone Kizer.  Of course they threw Kizer in the pool right away because he was the best QB on the roster throughout training camp and preseason only to see him struggle his rookie season which is perfectly normal for rookies who are still learning and adapting to the speed of the NFL game.  So instead of riding Kizer they traded him to Green Bay.  And now they draft Mayfield #1 overall and will more than likely repeat their same mistakes.  They passed on the three best players in the draft in Saquon Barkley, Quenton Nelson and Bradley Chubb despite having the #1 and #4 pick and having a need at each one of those positions.  Here's hoping Mayfield balls out for the Browns but we have all seen this broken record before.  Mayfield will struggle and he will get benched.  Then he will start again and then get benched.  And then Browns will fall in love with another college QB and get rid of Mayfield for pennies on the dollar because he's already been ruined by an inept franchise.

The city of Cleveland and their fans don't deserve a franchise like the Browns.  They are great passionate football fans who pack out the Dog Pound every Sunday in the fall.  But the Browns continue to shit in their faces with draft day and offseason decisions that go the opposite of conventional wisdom.  Maybe Mayfield is the diamond in the chunk of coal.  Maybe he's not.  Maybe just maybe the Browns will finally smarten up and go for the best players in the middle/front lines and work their way out like all good teams do.  They should have at the very least got a Chubb and Nelson who will be All-Pro's for years to come.  But nope they managed to cause their fans more agony by going against logic and doing what they do best: ruin QB draft picks.



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Watch Ronald Acuna Jr. First Big League Home Run

🚨🚨 TAPE MEASURE SHOT FOR THE PHENOM 🚨🚨@Braves prospect Ronald Acuña Jr. hits his first career home run 416 feet into the second deck. Welcome to the future.#Braves | #ChopOn

— FOX Sports: Braves (@FOXSportsBraves) April 26, 2018

Atlanta Braves top prospect Ronald Acuna Jr. hit the first homer of his career in his second game, leading off the second inning against the Reds with a long blast to left field.  I think that ball would have landed in Kentucky if the Braves fan didn't catch it in the upper deck.  Absolutely smoked it.  The first of many home runs to come for King Acuna Matata.

As soon as Acuna swung my eyes got real wide...


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Top offensive lineman recruit John Olmstead commits to Notre Dame

St. Joseph (Metuchen, NJ) offensive tackle John Olmstead is the #1 overall high school recruit in the state of New Jersey and just finished taking a visit to Rutgers last week before deciding Notre Dame would be where he plays his collegiate ball after his senior season in 2018.

What stood out about Notre Dame?

"Notre Dame, the tradition and the faith and everything to do with it, and just the history behind that football program and obviously they have great people there, too," said Olmstead to

"For me, it was a feeling thing. I'm sure you can ask any recruit when they commit. They just know. They get that feeling when they are on the campus."

Olmstead, the massive 6-foot-6, 303-pound four-star offensive tackle is the first offensive linemen recruit for the 2019 Notre Dame class.  Olmstead also represents the first player on the offensive side of the ball after QB Cade McNamara de committed and decided khakis were more comfortable than the blue and gold.  

The athletic Olmstead chose Notre Dame over 35 other schools, some of the most prominent including Wisconsin, Penn State, Rutgers, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Michigan, Minnesota, LSU and FSU.

With Olmstead making his commitment public right before this Saturday's annual Blue-Gold spring game look for recruiting to pick up for Notre Dame with a plethora of other potential recruits ready to commit.  Some of those recruits names include another top 10 OT in Quinn Carroll (Edina, MN) who could line up next to Olmstead in the trenches.  Another name I've heard close to making his commitment public is safety Kyle Hamilton out of Atlanta (Marist HS) who is visiting UGA this weekend. 

Olmstead is an exceptional athlete for his size. His biggest asset is his footwork and speed. He's a three-year starter for St. Joseph and probable captain.  He's projected to play tackle at Notre Dame once he adds a little more strength to his frame which is already collegiate ready.

Landing Olmstead is also a major coup for new ND offensive line coach Jeff Quinn.  Quinn's hire received considerable backlash among ND recruiting pundits because of a perceived weakness in his recruiting prowess.  But Quinn was able to recruit and keep Luke Jones in the fold after Harry Hiestand left for the Chicago Bears job and also flipped Jarrett Patterson on signing day from Arizona State.

Could we be looking at the next Mike McGlinchey at left tackle in Olmstead?  Only time will tell but it doesn't hurt Notre Dame to land a top 100 overall player in the nation who everybody wanted and who could potentially play himself up to a 5-star player in final evaluations.

You can check out John Olmstead's highlights if you are into those things at this link.





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According to sketch it looks like Tom Brady threatened Stormy Daniels

As much as I wanted to avoid this whole Stormy Daniels - Donald Trump story because it has nothing to do with sports and because it was over 12 years ago they released a sketch of the person who threatened Stormy to leave the Donald alone.  And I'm not saying it's definitely 5-time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady but it's definitely NOT not him.


He looks awfully familiar eh?

Tom Brady and Donald Trump are close personal friends. Brady had been spotted with Trump many of times before he was elected president. But it wasn't till Stormy apparently didn't understand that "whore hush money" meant not to open your porn star mouth about taking the Donald's cock on the 19th hole.

I mean it could have been any athletic good looking guy who could have threatened Stormy Daniels. I mean Tom Brady has never had hair that matches the sketch. Or has he?

In conclusion Tom Brady tried to help protect his buddy Donald Trump by threatening a whore who is paid to have sex on camera to not talk about doing the deed with the Donald because she took and signed a confidentiality agreement not to open her whore mouth while getting paid very well to do so. It's a love story that only Shakespeare could write.
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Report: Rob Gronkowski officially on NFL trade market

As soon as I saw this Rob Gronkowski tweet my eyes lit up and my grin was as wide as Jack Nicholson.

Gronk is the best tight end I've ever seen play the game of football.  He's 28 and coming off some injuries include the brain jiggly ones but I don't care.  If I have a need at tight end I'm going out and getting Gronk.  

It was almost a decade ago the Atlanta Falcons were struggling to find a tight end to fit in with the offense for young QB Matt Ryan.  They went out and traded a conditional draft pick for what was perceived as a "washed up" tight end out of Kansas City in Tony Gonzalez.  Yes future 1st ballot Hall of Famer Tony G for a conditional draft pick.  Crazy as it seems now Tony G made a huge difference on those Falcons teams and he was 33 when he came over to Atlanta.  

If I'm Atlanta I try to make history repeat itself.  The Falcons keep putting up this bull shit facade with Austin Hooper being a NFL starter.  He's not.  In fact he's not even an average tight end and it's killed the Falcons red zone offense.  Everybody doubles Julio Jones because they know the tight end position isn't a reliable red zone target.  That needs to change immediately if the Falcons ever want to get back to the Super Bowl.

Gronk is talking about retiring and getting in the entertainment industry aka Hollywood but I think right now he's just sick of Bill Belichick's shit.  Gronk needs a change of scenery.  He also wants a new contract.  The Patriots will go back to mediocrity after 2018 because I believe it's the last one for Belichick in New England.  And it wouldn't surprise me if Tom Brady decides to retire once Belichick is done.  Gronk is coming off a 1000 yard season and should hold significant trade value despite his history of injuries.

I would think a 2nd round pick is fair, perhaps late 1st.

With all that said watch the Cleveland Browns trade one of their 1st rounders to New England while the Patriots continue to play chess amongst checker players.



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