Tiffany Gomas, The Hot #TMFINR Plane Lady, Keeps Playing Coy About What She Really Saw on the Plane

Listen here Tiffany Gomas, you late 30's smokeshow, we know you saw something.  You can't just keep playing grab ass with us and not expect to have questions.  Did you see an alien?  Were you having a panic attack?  Did the drugs kick in too quickly?  Are you available for drinks later?  

All of these are valid questions.  Whether or not you are gonna answer them is just teasing us.  You got nearly 100k Instagram followers.  What's next?


We get it.  You like the Dallas Cowboys.


What we need to know is what is gonna take for you to start posting SportsCrack shirts on your Insta?  We aren't begging but yes we are begging.


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