Some Ronald Acuna Jr Fans Rushed the Field in Colorado and Created Havoc by trying to play tummy sticks with him

Look, I get it.  Ronald Acuna Jr is the best player on the planet not named Shohei Ohtani. 

He's gonna win the NL MVP running away.  Ignore those stupid Vegas odds of Mookie Betts as the new favorite.  Mookie couldn't dream of putting up a 40 HR -70 SB season that Acuna is on pace for.  Nobody has done it before. 

But back to my original point.  We can't have assholes rushing the field and hugging ball players while taking selfies in the middle of the game.  Last night during the 7th inning stretch in Colorado two jackasses tried to play tummy sticks with Acuna in RF.  Not only should these guys be in jail but you gotta ban them for life from any sporting event.  Castration isn't off limits here.  I'm just saying.  No one goes out and violates our MVP.  No one.

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