Dan Patrick's Source Confirms Jon Gruden Was "In The Mix" For Notre Dame Job | 08/29/23

Some interesting coaching tidbits from Dan Patrick regarding the Notre Dame head coaching job.  I'm team Marcus Freeman for obvious reasons but to hear that Jon Gruden was a very real possibility as Brian Kelly's replacement is something I never heard of before other than messageboard gossip.

It still kills me to hear how close ND was getting to land Urban Meyer though.  I was convinced back in 2005 Urban was coming home to Notre Dame so to speak to coach the Irish.   ND Legend Jerome Bettis telling Patrick that all it was gonna take to get Urban to ND was to allow a couple of recruits in who were borderline students but were denied by the administration is just another gut punch.  I'm convinced Urban would have won at least one title, if not multiple, with a QB like Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen under his coaching.

Oh well.  I mean it's only been 30 plus years since ND won a championship or a major bowl game.  I'm sure those two borderline players like a Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes wouldn't have made a championship difference at Notre Dame wink wink.  Tim Tebow would have probably been a Domer if Urban took the ND job if the administration let in Harvin and Spikes.  Fucking idiots.

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