Brian Kelly's first Notre Dame spring practice press conference, says QB Ian Book "needs to complete a shitload of passes"

Notre Dame held it's first spring football practice this morning and afterwards head coach Brian Kelly was candid with the media in his press conference.

5th year senior and returning captain QB Ian Book and his 20-3 career record "need to complete a shitload of passes" and be himself this spring.  Sounds good to me.  Book will have to find new targets to throw the ball to as his top 3 of Chase Claypool, Cole Kmet and Chris Finke from last season are all off to the NFL.  One of the new targets expected to replace Claypool is redshirt sophomore Kevin Austin. 

Here are some highlights of Austin from today's practice...

 Austin if he can stay healthy and keep his nose clean should have a huge breakout season in 2020.  Team Austin up with WR Braden Lenzy, WR Lawrence Keys and TE Tommy Tremble and you are looking at 4 rising juniors with blazing elite speed all ready to make impacts this season in the receiving game for Book.

According to's Lou Somogyi the ND offense aligned like this today.

QB: Ian Book, Brendon Clark, DrewPyne
RB: Jafar Armstrong, C'Bo Flemsiter, Jahmir Smith, Kyren Williams, Mick Assaf
Note: Avery Davis moved to slot.

W Receiver (Boundary): Kevin Austin, Javon McKinley, Micah Jones
X Receiver (Field): Braden Lenzy, Ben Skowronek, Xaver Watts
Z (Slot): Lawrence Keys, Avery Davis, Kendall Abdur-Rahman
Notes: Joe Wilkins out with strep throat. Jay Brunelle out with clean-up work on shoulder. Also, Isaiah Robertson was not at practice while taking care of some academic work, per Brian Kelly.
Austin and McKinley both were standouts with their playmaking on some jump balls or back-shoulder plays.

TE: Brock Wright & Tommy Tremble, George Takacs
LT: Liam Eichenberg, Andrew Kristofic, Cole Mabrey
LG: Josh Lugg, Hunter Spears, Max Siegel
C: Jarrett Patterson, Zeke Correll, Colin Grunhard
RG: Tommy Kraemer, John Dirksen, John Olmstead
RT: Robert Hainsey, Quinn Carroll, Quinn Murphy
Notes: LG Aaron Banks is out this spring while recovering from foot fracture.
Later in more live work with no contact, Hainsey and Kraemer were both kept out while recovering from their fall injuries. Same with Quinn Carroll, who had ACL surgery last August.
In that situation, the No. 1 line had from right to left Lugg, Dirksen, Patterson, Grunhard and Eichenberg.

It appears those rumors of a running back being injured and another one possibly transferring are false at the moment.  All 4 RB practiced today while we wait for incoming freshman Chris Tyree to enroll this summer and add some much needed speed to the RB position.  

If you look at the overall depth of the offense it would be hard to find one better in Brian Kelly's tenure.  Even with starting guard Aaron Banks out with a fractured foot the offensive line has all 5 guys who have at least started multiple games ready to plug and play.  Hunter Spears has made the position switch from DT to left guard which as far as I can see is the only position change this spring.  The 2nd and 3rd stringers on the offensive line are all highly recruited sophomores now who have had a full season of strength coach Matt Balis program.  I can't remember a more deep and talented offensive line at Notre Dame.  In fact according to PFF they return 4 of the top 30 offensive linemen in the country.  That's insane and they should dominate every team up front not named Clemson in 2020.

Here are some more highlights from today's opening spring practice.


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Watch out Major League Pitchers: Austin Fucking Riley can hit the slider, watch his beautiful swing

Last season Atlanta Braves rookie 3B turned left fielder Austin Riley made an instant impact for the Bravos when he came up from Gwinnett and hit like a zillion home runs his first month with the big league club. The problem was pitchers adjusted to the hot hitting rookie after he smashed 18 homers and started throwing him sliders.

Riley couldn't adjust to the slider and suddenly his historic hot streak turned into a historic cold streak as he struck out 108 in only 80 games.  Riley basically was putting up Chris Davis all or nothing strike out numbers. 

Well this offseason Riley spent a lot of time when not hunting wild game by going to the cages and working on not only hitting the slider but also identifying it in his zone.  See the problem wasn't strictly not being able to hit the slider.  He can hit it.  The problem was he started swinging at pitches that were off the plate, especially the slider, and was late for the fastball.

Now that he can identify pitches he is laying off those sliders that start over the plate and end up 3-4 inches off the plate.  This spring he's hit two bombs including today's highlight above off the slider and last night hit a screaming line drive off the left-centerfield fence again on the slider.

Right now Riley is in a battle with Johan Camargo for the starting 3B position.  I've heard rumblings that manager Brian Snitker's preference is to have Camargo be the Opening Day 3B for the big league club and Riley start off in AAA Gwinnett.  I hope this isn't the case.  I personally think Riley is gonna have a huge season.  He's only 22-years-old and he's the future at 3B.  While Camargo is a good player I think he's more of a utility player and not necessarily an every day starter.  I don't think Snitker would platoon them right now.

Riley hit 33 homers between Atlanta-Gwinnett-Rome in just 123 games.  This year he's a year older, wiser, and more confident than ever he can play and perform at an elite level.  I think he's gonna hit a minimum 30 long balls so why not trot him out there Opening Day as the starter?  Camargo might hit 15.  Riley is no slouch defensively either.  Let Camargo spell relief for Riley, Dansby, and Ozzie in the infield every once in a while.  If he doesn't want to do it well tough luck.


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These 10 Players boosted their NFL Stock the most at the NFL Combine


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Model Ashley Graham just nonchalantly pumping breast milk in an Uber while on Instagram

Just another day on the internet. As you can see "model" Ashley Graham posted an interesting Instagram story today. She's in the back of an Uber with her massive jugs hanging out just pumping them away before they "explode." I don't even know if this is proper Uber etiquette but I got no issue with it. Free the milkjugs.

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Incredible sports moment as Zamboni driver David Ayres makes his emergency goalie NHL debut at 42-years-old and picks up the win for Carolina

This is what movies were made for. David Ayres, a 42-year-old Zamboni driver, made his NHL debut as an emergency goalie for the Canes the other night in Toronto and picked up the win. It's just an incredible story. Who would have ever thought it was even possible. It would be like the Atlanta Braves letting me catch because their two catchers got hurt. No one would believe it. But dreams do come true and for Ayres he is now a media sensation with his own shirt that's gone viral.

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Jose Altuve greeted with a thunderous amount of boos in his Spring Training debut while also suffering his first bean ball

And so it has begun.  Previous fan favorite Jose Altuve was greeted with a chorus of boos today as fans are gonna let the Houston Astros have it all season long.  Later in the game Altuve was hit with a breaking ball on his foot so it was hardly retaliatory.  But the over/under of 83.5 bean balls Vegas has for the Houston Asterisks seems really low right now.  I would go ahead and bang on that trash can as soon as possible if you know what I mean because that is a meat bet.

In the meantime go ahead and order the official SportsCrack Houston Asterisks shirt as seen here.  There is no better shirt to wear especially when the Astros come to town.

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Michael Jordan creates another crying meme at the Kobe Bryant ceremony

The greatest basketball player of all time doing it again. Michael Jordan recreated his viral crying meme with a tear jerker today in memory of Kobe Bryant.

"I’m gonna have to look at another crying meme… that is what Kobe Bryant does to me.” - Michael Jordan 

And honestly who can blame him? I didn't even know Kobe or his daughter and I think I've shed tears at least 5 times. Granted I'm a baby but I could only imagine the hurt those closest to Kobe and Gigi are going through.  RIP Mamba and Mambacita.  And thanks for the laughs MJ.  We needed it.

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Westworld : Official Season 3 Trailer released today and it's a must watch

I had to take a deep breath after inhaling this new Westworld trailer for season 3. March 15th can't get here faster. Shit we are looking at just over three weeks away! It looks like we got all the great characters back from the first two seasons and now we are gonna sprinkle in a little bit of that blue meth known as Jessie Fucking Pinkman which should absolutely blow our minds.

If season 3 lives up to the trailer's hype are we talking about Westworld as being one of the best television shows in history? Right now it's gotta be top 25 on my list. But if it wants to go up in the rankings it's gonna need to beat out some blue bloods and not just feast on FCS opponents. If it wants to be talked about as Tier 1 program Westworld Season 3 is gonna have to go out on the road and beat the likes of a Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and Seinfeld among others.  That's no easy feat.

What if Season 3 is so great for Westworld we start talking GOAT shit about it?  Do we even see a season 4 or does it walk away knowing it's place in history?  If it happens then Aaron Paul knows he's the only actor to ever be on two top 5 programs.  That's big swinging dick shit right there.  That's scraping the ground with Moses Malone's third leg in the locker room legendary stuff right there.  One can only hope.

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Is Instagram model Hannah Palmer the hottest smokeshow on the planet?

According to science Instagram model Hannah Palmer is the hottest thing walking on the planet right now.  If you don't agree with science check out some of these examples...



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A post shared by Hannah Palmer (@hannah_cpalmer) on

Still having your doubts about the 21-year-old Hannah Palmer being the hottest smokeshow on the planet? This should squash any doubts...

I can already hear the haters out there. "Yeah but she's obviously not real" and "she's more plastic than a Barbie doll" and you know what you couldn't be more wrong. Remember this is science we are talking about. You can't dispute it. To prove the doubters wrong Hannah heroically went out and got a breast exam to prove those babies are real.

So is Hannah Palmer in fact the hottest thing walking on the planet right now? Yes.  And don't even bother trying to argue it.  

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Houston Asterisks T-Shirts now for sale

Public enemy #1 in baseball deserves this shirt. The Houston Astros deserve an asterisk after cheating the game in 2017-2019. Buy the official Houston Asterisks shirt here!
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