Michigan State reveals new football uniforms and they are more ugly than ever imaginable

Hey Michigan State the Power Rangers called... they want their uniforms back. I don't know what Sparty and/or Nike was thinking here when they came out with this monstrosity of a design. Even the Oregon Ducks wouldn't wear this shit.  It's sad to see a once great second-tier Big Ten football program try to compete with Maryland for worst uniforms in the conference.

The only thing impressive is the bulge in the mannequins pants.  I never figured Little Brother to go Mandingo but here we are.  I'm sure Paul Lukas over at UniWatch choked on his espresso when he saw the size of STATE on Mandingo.

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Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly August 2nd 2019 Press Conference, Training Camp Preview

Missed the BRIAN KELLY Press Conference?

Here are the Highlights: Aaron Banks surgery went well.

Crawford is cleared to do everything for the team.

On leadership: Captains will be named early in camp. Within the first week of camp. BK wants players to weigh in. There will be an announcement when they get back from Culver.

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On the development of Jurkovec: Really good things. We knew the talent level that was there. He lost a little bit of confidence at times. He is going to be fine. He is the kind of guy that we feel is really going to blossom this year. He will get plenty of opportunities to grow.

On leadership: It has turned out that there will potentially be more captains than expected. Potentially six as in times past.

Kevin Austin: He is still on our team, but it is a day-to-day process with him.

Center Position: Jarret Patterson emerged as someone we feel great about. Moves well. Smart. Good on protections. Ruhland had a great summer. So it is a bonus to have him. Center is now a position of strength.

BK says that Notre Dame has to be “Road Warriors” this year. We have to play tough on all the away games. The players know the challenges ahead of them. BK says that the standard at Notre Dame is high. They are here to make the playoffs. They are here to win a National Championship. That is the standard at Notre Dame.

BK on Ian Book: He needs to continue to work on his own craft. We have to address those internally. That has already begun. What we have seen is that he is a leader. He is doing a great job at leading. He is confident. He knows the technical things he needs to work on. But what I see is a young man that is really confident and holding others accountable.

BK on Lugg: He is our Swiss Army Knife. Very versatile on the line.

BK on Phil Jurkovic: We don’t touch throwing motions. I never had success with it. Let them be who they are. The focus has to be on footwork and confidence. We stay away from trying to make major arm angle changes to throw. We have not tinkered with his motion. He will have some good success this year.

BK on interior D-Line: There has to be a rotation on the line. You cannot play the whole game. Even with Jerry, we had a rotation. Some younger guys are going to have to step up and give us quality playing time.

BK on safety position: I think what has to happen is there has to be some form of the second group there that you feel confident that you can put in there because they need to breathe. Part of our challenge will be establishing a second rotation at the safety position.

BK on Claypool: Ankle surgery went well. He is “full go.” We will slowly get him going in camp.

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BK on Book going to Manning Camp: Exposure among elite players brings self-realization that “I’m pretty good.” The great thing about it is being aware. He came back and knows that he is really good at a lot of things and has to work in other areas.

BK on Derrick Allen: Got a lot of reps in the spring. He will have to be part of the rotation evaluation. He will have an opportunity to make a statement.

BK on replacing kickers in 2019: It has been an ongoing process. We are not just dealing with this now. Jonathan has had a really good build-up. We have seen the confidence build up necessary. He is going to get a lot of work. He doesn’t have the veteran presence. We will put him in situations to see what he can do. We have seen progress.

BK on the biggest thing he has learned in 10 years: Ten years anywhere is a journey that you just have to be able to learn, keep working on yourself and keep pushing the envelope. Never get satisfied. We got a taste of being in the playoffs, but I want to with the darn thing. Never get to the point where you think you know it all.

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New ACC Network Will Feature Notre Dame As Well In Football

Notre Dame football is so big it now needs to be covered by two networks: NBC and now the ACC Network.

The ACC Network starts in 3 weeks and will feature Notre Dame road game in Louisville and Duke. It will also feature original Notre Dame programs focusing on some of the traditions and history of the football program.  Not bad for an irrelevant independent football program.

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2019 CFB Coaches Poll Released Today

1 Clemson 0-0 1619 59 1 1/1
2 Alabama 0-0 1566 6 2 2/2
3 Georgia 0-0 1447 0 3 3/3
4 Oklahoma 0-0 1415 0 4 4/4
5 Ohio State 0-0 1368 0 5 5/5
6 Louisiana State 0-0 1218 0 6 6/6
7 Michigan 0-0 1155 0 7 7/7
8 Florida 0-0 1103 0 8 8/8
9 Notre Dame 0-0 1100 0 9 9/9
10 Texas 0-0 1038 0 10 10/10
11 Texas A&M 0-0 893 0 11 11/11
12 Washington 0-0 834 0 12 12/12
13 Oregon 0-0 787 0 13 13/13
14 Penn State 0-0 699 0 14 14/14
15 Utah 0-0 642 0 15 15/15
16 Auburn 0-0 606 0 16 16/16
17 Wisconsin 0-0 436 0 17 17/17
17 Central Florida 0-0 436 0 17 17/17
19 Iowa 0-0 343 0 19 19/19
20 Michigan State 0-0 313 0 20 20/20
21 Washington State 0-0 274 0 21 21/21
22 Syracuse 0-0 227 0 22 22/22
23 Stanford 0-0 200 0 23 23/23
24 Iowa State 0-0 169 0 24 24/24
25 Northwestern 0-0 161 0 25 25/25
Nebraska 152; Boise State 118; Mississippi State 111; Miami 94; Army 91; Kentucky 79; Virginia Tech 64; Texas Christian 63; Southern California 47; Utah State 32; Fresno State 32; Virginia 30; Cincinnati 25; West Virginia 24; Memphis 24; Oklahoma State 20; South Carolina 15; NC State 12; Duke 10; Boston College 5; Florida State 4; Baylor 4; Appalachian State 4; North Texas 3; Houston 3; UCLA 2; Temple 2; Arizona State 2; Troy 1; Tennessee 1; Mississippi 1; Minnesota 1.
Initial thoughts:
The first 5 look good to me.  The first 2 are obvious locks with Clemson and Alabama the clear tier 1 teams in college football. 
You could make an argument that Georgia is overrated again but they have been close to beating Alabama for two years running now and return Jake Fromm.  I'd probably have Oklahoma rated a little higher since they are coming off back-to-back playoff appearances and have a QB in Jalen Hurts that has beaten UGA before.  Ohio State has a new coach and QB but they are the best team in the Big Ten again so 5 seems right for them. 
The next 3 of LSU, Michigan and Florida all seem overrated to me.  LSU isn't beating Alabama and they will lose at least 3 games with Ed Orgeron coaching.  Michigan is a fucking joke and overrated as usual.  I could see them losing to Army early.  Harbaugh and company will lose at least 4 games this season.  Florida is getting some hype because they killed a dog shit Michigan team in the Peach Bowl but I don't see them beating UGA and they could drop multiple games to teams like Mizzou and South Carolina. 
Notre Dame at 9 is underrated.  I would have them around 6 at the latest with Ian Book back and the potential of a great defense returning.  Texas also should be ranked higher than 10 with QB Sam Ehlinger back and one of the best young coaches in the game Tom Herman.  Herman already has impressive resume wins over Oklahoma and Georgia.  
The Aggies at 11 seems accurate.  Their schedule is very difficult but if anybody can beat Clemson this season it's Jimbo Fisher who can do it.  They nearly did it last season.
Washington and Oregon are the two of the best ranked PAC-12 teams.  It will be interesting to see what Jacob Eason does for the Huskies.  I wasn't that impressed with his accuracy at UGA.  Everybody loves Justin Herbert at Oregon but do the Ducks have enough defense to beat Washington?  I'm not so sure and I actually like Utah better than the Huskies and Ducks this season.  Just a gut feeling but I think the Utes win the PAC-12 so them at #15 seems too low.
Penn State still has James Franklin coaching.  I'd have them borderline top 25 and most certainly not top 15.
The rest of the top 25 starting with Auburn at #16 seems accurate.  It's kinda sad to see teams like Nebraska, Miami and USC not ranked preseason.  The Hurricanes are in for a long season with a new coach.  I think Nebraska and USC will be top 20 teams this year because they both have really good QBs and it's not like they don't have talent at other positions.  Frost will get Nebraska at least 9 wins this season and USC should win at least 9 too with the amount of 5-star talent they got on their roster.
Also when Army beats Michigan they will jump into the top 25.  Write that down.
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Water World wave operator gets drunk, causes tsunami that injures many

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Must see Video: Old Man Knocks Out Young Buck in front of Arby's

100% this fight started off over an argument whether or not Arby's has the meats. Yes they do bitch!  The video is a little grainy but I'd imagine the black older dude with the Mike Tyson jab standing over the tatted up white trailer trash said "We got the meats!" as he walked away into the sunlight.

Video via BarStoolSports

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Trailer for Martin Scorsese's Netflix film THE IRISHMAN with Pacino, De Niro and Pesci looks outstanding

While I'm always skeptical of Netflix produced movies I can't pass up a movie called "The IrishMan" with Martin Scorsese directing. It's not in my DNA. Throw in Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci with the cast and you got me hard as a rock.  I would go pay $15 to see this in the theaters which makes it even sweeter that it's on Netflix for basically FREE.  This is my Netflix and chill movie to the max.

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Major Remaining MLB Contender Roster Needs at the MLB Trade Deadline

We are less than 4 hours till the MLB Trade Deadline hits.  Last night we saw a huge 3-way team trade that involved Trevor Bauer going to the Reds and Yasiel Puig going to the Indians among many other moving parts.

Today we will see who gets moved and which ball clubs improve their rosters while making a run for the playoffs this season. tells us what certain clubs are looking for this MLB Trade deadline.

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Here are a few of the possible target areas for the game’s contenders. Not all will be fulfilled, while other creative swaps will be struck. But these are the general areas that stand out:

Clear Contenders

  • Astros: rotation upgrade; bullpen upgrade/left-handed depth; catching upgrade
  • Athletics: rotation upgrade; bullpen depth; second base upgrade
  • Braves: rotation upgrade; bullpen upgrade; corner outfielder
  • Brewers: rotation upgrade/depth; first base upgrade; shortstop upgrade
  • Cardinals: rotation upgrade/depth; bullpen upgrade/depth; center field upgrade
  • Cubs: lineup upgrade (outfield/second base); left-handed reliever
  • Dodgers: bullpen upgrade
  • Indians: rotation depth; second base upgrade
  • Nationals: multiple bullpen upgrades/depth; rotation depth
  • Phillies: rotation upgrade; third base and/or outfield upgrade; bullpen upgrade/depth
  • Rays: rotation and/or bullpen upgrade; right-handed DH/corner OF bat
  • Red Sox: bullpen upgrade/depth
  • Twins: rotation and/or bullpen upgrade
  • Yankees: rotation upgrade; bullpen upgrade; first base insurance?

Uncertain Contenders

  • Angels: rotation upgrade/depth
  • Diamondbacks: rotation upgrade/depth
  • Giants: second base upgrade; outfield upgrade
  • Mets: bullpen depth; shortstop/center field upgrade
  • Reds: bullpen upgrade; second base upgrade

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Notre Dame Releases 2019 Football Fall Camp Schedule

We got some good news yesterday for Notre Dame fans hankering for some football.  Notre Dame released their 2019 Fall Camp schedule and according to head coach Brian Kelly practice will start this Sunday at Culver Academy.  Unfortunately practices are not open to the public.  Good news is some of the practices will be open to the media so we should get some highlights or ideas who is stepping up.

Our friends over at have the full fall camp schedule.  Notre Dame will be looking to build off their first ever playoff appearance with a camp that will determine who will be starting on Labor Day vs Louisville.

Brian Kelly’s Kick-Off Press Conference

  • Friday, Aug. 2 (12:00 pm) – No Practice

Training Camp at Culver Academy

  • Sunday, Aug. 4 (10:20 am- 1:00 pm)  – Media Access – Brian Kelly/Student-Athletes
  • Monday, Aug. 5 (10:20 am- 1:00 pm)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 6 (10:20 am- 1:00 pm)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 7 (10:20 am- 1:00 pm)
  • Thursday, Aug. 8 (10:20 am- 1:00 pm) – Media Access

Training Camp on Notre Dame’s Campus

  • Saturday,  Aug. 10 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm) – Media Access – Brian Kelly/Student-Athletes
  • Sunday, Aug. 11 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm)
  • Monday, Aug. 12 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm) – Media Access (1st Hour)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 13 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm)
  • Thursday, Aug. 15 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm)
  • Friday, Aug. 16 (10:55 am – 1:25 pm)
  • Saturday, Aug. 17 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm) – Media Access – Brian Kelly/Student-Athletes
  • Monday, Aug. 19 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm) – Media Access (1st Hour)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 20 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 21 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm) – Media Access – Media Day
  • Thursday, Aug. 22 (10:45 am – 1:15 pm)
  • Friday, Aug. 23 (10:55 am – 1:25 pm) – Media Access (1st Hour)
  • Saturday, Aug. 25 (3:10 pm – 5:10 pm)
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Reds Amir Garrett decided to fight the whole Pittsburgh Pirates team himself

No lie I don't necessarily hate the move here by Cincinnati Reds pitcher Amir Garrett. Too often in baseball we hear a lot of chirping and no actual fighting. Garrett said fuck that. Not only did he land a devastating left on one of the Pirates but he basically tried to fight the whole Pirates squad by himself. Sure Yasiel Puig (who was literally just traded to Cleveland during the game) charged in and tried his usual tough guy approach. There was a lot of throwing at batters which led to Reds manager David Bell getting ejected for arguing balls and strikes on Puig which led to the Pirates freaking out about Garrett tagging the runner at 1st. The Pirates kept chirping and Garrett said fuck it. Love it.
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