Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly works on his changeup at home by busting his bedroom window

That's not how it's suppose to work.  A major league pitcher should not be breaking windows because of impeccable bad location. 

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly was working on what looked to be a circle change in his back yard only to miss the net because he obviously sucks.  I mean good God sir how do you miss the net from just a few feet away and still collect a MLB salary (he's due $8.5 million this season)?  I can throw left handed more accurately than Kelly can throw a change up.

After seeing this I think it would be wise for the Dodgers to just keep letting Kelly quarantine at home even when baseball starts back up.  There's no need to get people hurt with his shitty location.

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McKayla Maroney aka Bitchface passes the TikTok challenge "Is your Ass Flat"


u know the challenge

♬ They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo) - Tiagz

This is what happens when you have a month of Quarantine and Chill.  Back in 2012 McKayla Maroney was America's sweetheart gymnast at the Olympics.  She brought home the 2012 team gold medal with the "Fierce Five" and won the silver medal in the individual fault when this face went viral...

She's been out of the spotlight for a while now but at just 24 years of age she has come out of the shadows (Larry Nassar reference) and done the newest "is your ass flat" TikTok challenge. And just like in 2012 when she helped the USA girls team win the gold her ass was up for the challenge, passing it by not passing her arms behind her ass.

Thank you McKayla.  With no sports going on this is the type of entertainment our country needs.  USA!  USA!  USA!

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Cleveland Browns reveal new uniforms and they aren't as shitty as you would imagine


The Cleveland Browns had nothing better to do like the rest of the NFL teams on quarantine so they decided to reveal some new uniforms.  And surprisingly they aren't that bad.  Well for the Browns that is.  In typical Browns fashion they are pretty understated and normal.  Brown, white, and orange combos with no logos is about as Cleveland as it gets.  The design is good and it looks clean to me.  They didn't put a big CLE on it like the Falcons did with ATL on their jerseys.  They didn't put a Dawg for the Dawgpound on the helmet.  Just a typical orange helmet with some stripes. 

So yeah go crazy Cleveland.  I'm sure these exciting uniforms will sell out quickly with everybody getting their stimulus checks today.

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This Miami Dolphins cheerleader Paige Lillian released a quarantine dance video we all needed

I can't say this more than enough but thank you Paige Lillian.  We have gone over a month now without any sports and some us (looking directly in the mirror) are going stir crazy.  Luckily Paige, the 2018 and 2020 Pro Bowl Pro Bowl Cover Girl, has our mental health backs with this great dance routine.

If you want to see more of Paige go check out her Instagram.

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Here are some more of Paige's work on Instagram:




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only the best intentions

A post shared by P A I G E L I L L I A N (@thepaigelillian) on

I think the Rock speaks for all of us here...

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The new TGII 21 ATL Jersey Shirt is out for sale!

Get your TGII 21 ATL Jersey T Shirt to welcome back Todd Gurley to Georgia.  All you Dawgs and Falcons fans this is the shirt you have waited for since Gurley declared for the NFL Draft over 5 years ago.

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Ian Book's "A Day in the Life" at home shows he is still getting some offseason work in

This is definitely been the weirdest, most socially distanced offseason of college football ever in my lifetime. Notre Dame QB Ian Book decided to come back for a 5th season in January because he had dreams of winning a National Championship with his teammates. Unfortunately with spring ball cancelled and every student forced to return home because of the pandemic it's been tough for the players to get their daily workouts in.

Book gives us a glimpse into his Monday workouts back in California.  And just like myself he starts off with some coffee and eggs...

Nobody really knows when exactly the players will be allowed to return to campus. Head coach Brian Kelly says he wants it to be in early June to prepare for the 2020 season. But at this moment we are all just prisoners to the "who the fuck knows?" department.

This offseason was going to be key for Book and new offensive coordinator Tommy Rees building some rhythm coming off the impressive finish of the 2019 season.  Having to replace the three top receiving targets in Chase Claypool, Cole Kmet and Chris Finke, as well as the leading rusher in RB Tony Jones Jr., the spring is imperative for offseason development and chemistry.

Now we are looking at a crash course of developing the offense with new starters like WR Kevin Austin, TE Tommy Tremble and WR Braden Lenzy.  Not to mention whomever wins the starting RB with Jahmir Smith, C'Bo Flemister, Jafar Armstrong, Kyren Williams battling it out along with incoming freshman 5-star recruit Chris Tyree.  Luckily all have had at least two years experience catching with Book with the exceptions of Williams and Tyree.  Also ND has the luck of returning 6 guys with starting experience on the offensive line so protection shouldn't be an issue with Book. 

Hopefully we can see Book on campus sooner than later throwing bombs to Austin and Lenzy and get back to somewhat normal life and enjoy Notre Dame football.  Fingers crossed.



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Samuel L Jackson's PSA "Stay the Fuck at Home" is dead on

I know it's been 3 weeks now of quarantine at home and it sucks and blah blah blah but Samuel L Jackson has the perfect message for all of you who are not following the rules. STAY THE FUCK AT HOME!

It's simple.  Stay home.  Watch Netflix and Chill.  And pray we get a football season.  Stay safe and healthy out there.

In the meantime help out a small business by ordering one of these classic "Quarantine and Chill" t-shirts from

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Some Good News with John Krasinski is the video you need while we keep social distancing

It's been a tough month for a lot of us while we battle this worldwide pandemic.  Since we can't seem to get any good news from CNN or Fox News or any of the MSM outlets lately it was refreshing to get this uplifting video from John Krasinki aka "Jim" from The Office.

Well done "Jim" and bravo to the guest appearance from Steve Carrell.

True confession: I just started watching The Office last week.  I know it sounds crazy.  For whatever reason I never gave the hit NBC show a shot before.  Probably because I'm not a big fan of Network comedy shows because of the censorship of language.  But holy shit I'm almost through two seasons and The Office is hilarious.

The characters of Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) are consistently laugh out loud funny.  Michael Scott, the regional manager of Dunder Miffin, just says whatever is on his mind despite how inappropriate it is. Scott reminds me of what I would probably be if I were a boss in a real life office setting.  I would have 100% been fired for saying something inappropriate.  Probably within the first month.  HR would not be my friend.  It's just my nature.  Hence why I work for myself. 

Schrute mannerisms make me laugh all the time.  He's just such a nerd who lacks any common sense or social skills. You can't help but laugh at him as the "assistant to the regional manager" title he bestows upon himself.

I'm warming up to "Pam" and "Jim" even though I'm not huge fans of their characters at this point.  I know eventually they get together but I just don't see why Jim has such a big crush on Pam.  Pam annoys the shit out of me to be honest. 

Since we got time to kill in this "Quarantine and Chill" period we currently are living in I highly recommend watching The Office on Netflix for all 10 of you who haven't.  Or just go back and watch it again for all the fans of this show.

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New Quarantine and Chill T-shirt that is going viral about sums up the 2020 year so far

So far 2020 has been a giant disaster.  We got no sports.  We can't go out to eat.  Some of us aren't even allowed to work.  All thanks to the world wide pandemic that came from the Coronavirus.  So all we can do now is "quarantine and chill" until this awful virus goes away.  

Our new "Quarantine and Chill: If you can read this you are too close" is the shirt for 2020.  You can get it delivered to you.  No need to go out.  Designed and printed right here in the good old USA.  Shipping worldwide.

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Brian Kelly's first Notre Dame spring practice press conference, says QB Ian Book "needs to complete a shitload of passes"

Notre Dame held it's first spring football practice this morning and afterwards head coach Brian Kelly was candid with the media in his press conference.

5th year senior and returning captain QB Ian Book and his 20-3 career record "need to complete a shitload of passes" and be himself this spring.  Sounds good to me.  Book will have to find new targets to throw the ball to as his top 3 of Chase Claypool, Cole Kmet and Chris Finke from last season are all off to the NFL.  One of the new targets expected to replace Claypool is redshirt sophomore Kevin Austin. 

Here are some highlights of Austin from today's practice...

 Austin if he can stay healthy and keep his nose clean should have a huge breakout season in 2020.  Team Austin up with WR Braden Lenzy, WR Lawrence Keys and TE Tommy Tremble and you are looking at 4 rising juniors with blazing elite speed all ready to make impacts this season in the receiving game for Book.

According to's Lou Somogyi the ND offense aligned like this today.

QB: Ian Book, Brendon Clark, DrewPyne
RB: Jafar Armstrong, C'Bo Flemsiter, Jahmir Smith, Kyren Williams, Mick Assaf
Note: Avery Davis moved to slot.

W Receiver (Boundary): Kevin Austin, Javon McKinley, Micah Jones
X Receiver (Field): Braden Lenzy, Ben Skowronek, Xaver Watts
Z (Slot): Lawrence Keys, Avery Davis, Kendall Abdur-Rahman
Notes: Joe Wilkins out with strep throat. Jay Brunelle out with clean-up work on shoulder. Also, Isaiah Robertson was not at practice while taking care of some academic work, per Brian Kelly.
Austin and McKinley both were standouts with their playmaking on some jump balls or back-shoulder plays.

TE: Brock Wright & Tommy Tremble, George Takacs
LT: Liam Eichenberg, Andrew Kristofic, Cole Mabrey
LG: Josh Lugg, Hunter Spears, Max Siegel
C: Jarrett Patterson, Zeke Correll, Colin Grunhard
RG: Tommy Kraemer, John Dirksen, John Olmstead
RT: Robert Hainsey, Quinn Carroll, Quinn Murphy
Notes: LG Aaron Banks is out this spring while recovering from foot fracture.
Later in more live work with no contact, Hainsey and Kraemer were both kept out while recovering from their fall injuries. Same with Quinn Carroll, who had ACL surgery last August.
In that situation, the No. 1 line had from right to left Lugg, Dirksen, Patterson, Grunhard and Eichenberg.

It appears those rumors of a running back being injured and another one possibly transferring are false at the moment.  All 4 RB practiced today while we wait for incoming freshman Chris Tyree to enroll this summer and add some much needed speed to the RB position.  

If you look at the overall depth of the offense it would be hard to find one better in Brian Kelly's tenure.  Even with starting guard Aaron Banks out with a fractured foot the offensive line has all 5 guys who have at least started multiple games ready to plug and play.  Hunter Spears has made the position switch from DT to left guard which as far as I can see is the only position change this spring.  The 2nd and 3rd stringers on the offensive line are all highly recruited sophomores now who have had a full season of strength coach Matt Balis program.  I can't remember a more deep and talented offensive line at Notre Dame.  In fact according to PFF they return 4 of the top 30 offensive linemen in the country.  That's insane and they should dominate every team up front not named Clemson in 2020.

Here are some more highlights from today's opening spring practice.


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