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Baby Gronk Michael Mayer Shirt

Tight End U has a freshman beast who goes by the name of "Baby Gronk" and he officially has his own SportsCrack shirt!

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If Michigan decides not to play football this fall are they the biggest villain organization in sports?

It's hard to believe we are sitting here in the middle of September and a "Blue Blood" program in Michigan (I use the term blue blood very loosely here since Michigan hasn't won anything worth a shit in decades) doesn't want to play fall football.  Besides the excuse of being just a bunch of pussies (Ann Arbor is a Whore after all) I'm completely flabbergasted that Michigan would decide not to play football.  

I don't want to hear about Covid when the Lions are playing NFL football and high school football is being played all across the midwest.  There is something much more about this and it's not the obvious political angle.

Michigan wants to completely fuck over their rival in Ohio State.  The Buckeyes have been pounding the shit out of the Skunkbears for so long they can't even think straight.  The Buckeyes are the odds-on favorite to win the Big Ten again because they own Michigan and the rest of their shitty ass conference.  But they also have enough talent to win it all this year.  Yes, even the Natty.

So if you are Michigan you know you are gonna get your brains beat in again so what do you do instead?  You quit.  You blame Covid even though it doesn't kill athletes or young people.  Talk about playing the role of villain and Michigan is playing it to perfection.  Ohio State needs Michigan to play ball this fall.  Don't even entertain the thought of spring football.  It's not happening.  But if Michigan doesn't play football then Sparty won't play, Rutgers will back out and Maryland will not play because of political pressure.  And we all know Northwestern ain't gonna play till they get "unionized" or whatever the fuck they want. 

So that would basically leave 8 teams in the conference to play.  It ain't enough.  And thus Michigan has completely fucked over their rival in Ohio State.  Even if Ohio State plays 8 games they aren't gonna qualify over the ACC, Big 12 and SEC conferences candidates who play a minimum of 10 games plus a conference championship game.  The Buckeyes have already lost two of their best players, CB Shaun Wade and OL Wyatt Davis, who decided to opt out and prepare for the NFL Draft instead of waiting on Michigan to decide on a Big Ten season.

Sorry Buckeyes but the Michigan administration completely fucked you guys over.  No National Championship season.  No Heisman Trophy season for QB Justin Fields.  No annual ass stomping of your heated rival.  You get a big fat nothing because Michigan said "fuck it" and decided to go home to play video games instead of getting schooled on the playground again.

It's so diabolical and evil on Michigan's part you gotta kind of tip your hat.  Michigan is the ultimate villain in sports now.  They have destroyed livelihoods all across the nation.  Cities that rely on football in the fall can no longer stay open.  Bars and restaurants and shops from Columbus to Lincoln will no longer get that extra traffic of football fans this fall will be pressured to make difficult cuts.  Life altering cuts.  All because Michigan decided to take their football with their heads tucked in between their vaginas and go home.


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Happy Acuna Matata Day it's Ian Anderson MLB Debut Tonight!

It's finally happening.  Yes Braves fans you can take a deep sigh of relief.  The long awaited debut of top pitching prospect Ian Anderson is in fact happening tonight.  And to top it all off the Braves have activated Ronald Acuna Jr off the injured list.


Let's fucking go!  Acuna back in the lineup is reason enough to celebrate.  But now you add Anderson on the bump tonight and I'm full fledged torqued.

The only problem is the other guy on the mound is pretty good tonight.  You may have heard of him. It's Yankees ace Gerritt Cole.  Yeah the same guy who just signed for a bijillion dollars and comes in with a 20-game win streak.  It's just the 3rd longest streak in MLB history. 

No big deal.  The Braves and Ian Anderson got this.  No pressure kid.  Just need you to out pitch arguable the best pitcher in the game right now.


With Acuna back in the leadoff spot it's time for coach Brian Snitker to pull the plug on the Ender Game.  Inciarte isn't hitting his weight right now and last week the Braves promoted another uber prospect in Christian Pache aka Andruw Jones 2.0 to help fill the void.  Snitker needs to roll an outfield of Adam Duvall in left, Pache in center, and Acuna in right for the next two weeks minimum to see what we got.  All three are above average defensively and one of them (Pache) might be the best fielding CF since Andruw was covering the earth 20-some years ago.  If they struggle then go with Nick Markakis some when he comes back.  But I don't wanna see Ender anymore.  Love the guy but he can't hit and his fielding isn't what it used to be.

Who else is excited to see Anderson make his debut tonight?

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Watch Alexandra Daddario Try on Dresses

Not bad but I liked her better in the First season of True Detective when she had to take off the itchy shirt for Woody's woody.

That was too fast.  Let's slow it down a tit...nip...I mean bit...

And since we were checking out her amazing set of eyes let's present some more slow motion gifs of Alexandra...

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The NHL's new Seattle franchise names their arena: Climate Pledge Arena

The new Seattle NHL franchise still doesn't have an actual team name but they have a name for their brand new playing facilities: Climate Pledge Arena.

As part of the agreement with Amazon, OVG and NHL Seattle will make annual contributions to Amazon's The Climate Pledge initiative to motivate companies to reach zero-carbon emissions across all businesses by 2040 or 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement was signed by 195 nations in 2016. The three parties will form a climate advisory committee to encourage and monitor continuous improvement of best practices, while also organizing annual sustainability events at the new arena.  

"Seattle is a place that values our incredible outdoor resources in the Pacific Northwest," said Tod Leiweke, CEO of NHL Seattle. "Right here in our hometown, a company made a challenge, and it was The Climate Pledge. Could we by 2040 change the world and dramatically reduce its carbon footprint? We're so proud to step forward with other leaders to say, yes we can."

I know what you are thinking and yes I completely agree with you.  Thank God they made an arena dedicated to climate change or else it would be under water within 10 years.  Not only is Amazon saving the world with the help of the Paris Agreement and Seattle but they are strictly in it for climate change. 

Don't even think Amazon is a for profit business solely looking to get your money into their hands.  They wanna save the world one giant arena at a time.  Just ignore Jeff Bezos and Amazon putting forth their carbon footprint pledge a few years ago to shrink it when in fact it still grows every day despite being a trillion dollar corporation.  We will also ignore Bezos 29,000 square foot house and his 8,000 square foot house.  It may seem excessive for one guy but you can't put a price on chopping down a bunch of trees to build those palaces.  

Also we should probably ignore Bezos $400 million dollar yacht for himself.  I doubt there is much of a carbon footprint if any with it. 

As you can see Amazon and the city of Seattle are all about making the world a better place one arena at a time.  I'm sure there were no tax funded kickbacks for the climate friendly arena.  Nope.

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Golfer Paige Spiranac Tik Tok game appears to be getting stronger and bouncier

Since Paige Spiranac has been quarantining she's finding new ways to display her enormous talent.  Luckily for us it has nothing to do with her golf game and everything to do with her Tik Tok game.  Yes the teenage game where people post stupid short dance clips online has found it's way to Paige.  So without further ado let's check out some of her talents...




♬ original sound - paradiisedd



I like my tank tops okay ##fyp

♬ follow me - jk.lisbon


Bored in the house ##fyp

♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE - Curtis Roach


Indoor golf anyone? ##quarantine ##fyp

♬ original sound - _paige.renee


Uh oh back again...with the dancing😂 ##fyp

♬ LITTLEBANK by JORDAN - iwannatouchonyou


##savagechallenge I couldn’t do the arm thing at the end so I improvised 😂 ##throwitback

♬ Savage - Megan Thee Stallion


When you’re trying to see if you can do that hip thing but then just turn into Tina from bobs burgers 😂😂 ##holidayootd

♬ My Oh My - Camila Cabello


I like Fridays😍

♬ original sound - heartlessharpy


Because golf isn’t hard enough already ##ThousandDollarCrocs ##fyp

♬ original sound - _paige.renee
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This Georgia Mall Drop Kick Fight is why the state needed to open back up

Oh my god yes folks we are finally getting back to normal.  Georgia doing Georgia things.

Everyone on the internet has been bitching and moaning about Georgia opening up too quickly while the "pandemic" is still not flattened out.  We know why they have been bitching: jealousy.  Shit I would be pissed off too if my state told me I wasn't essential and I couldn't do anything besides go to the grocery store and the drug store.  

Down here in Georgia we got important things like the CDC headquarters and apparently dudes in Oilers jerseys with flying drop kicks at Cumberland Mall to break up fights with the shorties.  Back in my day we called them chickenheads.  That's probably considered racist these days so don't repeat it.  Anywho probably a smart move by Gretzky to high tail it out of there because it looked like the shortie he drop kicked might be reaching for a firearm in her bag.

Now it's time to get back home and Quarantine and Chill.  I give this fight a 7.6.


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The Los Angeles Chargers new uniforms are ELECTRIC

You want to talk about hitting a walk off HR in the team uniform category well I present to you the new Los Angeles Chargers uniforms.  Just look at these sweet bolts of fashion...

Are you fucking kidding me?  It's hard for me to pick out which combo I like best.  The middle two might be my favorite but then I dig the all royal blue jerseys as much as the all-white jerseys and pants combo.  Damn you Chargers for making one of the best uniforms in the NFL.

It will be fun to see which rookie QB collects the most grass stains on those fresh white uniforms.  It could be Tua, Herbert or some other unlucky schmuck.


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Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly works on his changeup at home by busting his bedroom window

That's not how it's suppose to work.  A major league pitcher should not be breaking windows because of impeccable bad location. 

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly was working on what looked to be a circle change in his back yard only to miss the net because he obviously sucks.  I mean good God sir how do you miss the net from just a few feet away and still collect a MLB salary (he's due $8.5 million this season)?  I can throw left handed more accurately than Kelly can throw a change up.

After seeing this I think it would be wise for the Dodgers to just keep letting Kelly quarantine at home even when baseball starts back up.  There's no need to get people hurt with his shitty location.

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McKayla Maroney aka Bitchface passes the TikTok challenge "Is your Ass Flat"


u know the challenge

♬ They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo) - Tiagz

This is what happens when you have a month of Quarantine and Chill.  Back in 2012 McKayla Maroney was America's sweetheart gymnast at the Olympics.  She brought home the 2012 team gold medal with the "Fierce Five" and won the silver medal in the individual fault when this face went viral...

She's been out of the spotlight for a while now but at just 24 years of age she has come out of the shadows (Larry Nassar reference) and done the newest "is your ass flat" TikTok challenge. And just like in 2012 when she helped the USA girls team win the gold her ass was up for the challenge, passing it by not passing her arms behind her ass.

Thank you McKayla.  With no sports going on this is the type of entertainment our country needs.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Order the Quarantine and Chill Shirt here:


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