Vodka Tom Herman strikes again, flips off the Longhorn Network on National Signing Day

Not a great look for Vodka Tom here.  Coming off a 5-loss season and replacing basically all your assistants to save your ass from getting canned it looks like Tom Herman had either too much Tito's or Colombian bam bam this morning with his Gatorade before flipping off the Longhorn Network on National Signing Day.

I guess now we can say "TEXAS IS BACK!"  It remains to be seen if the recruits will be effected by this as they are currently ranked the #10 class in the nation.  Maybe Herman was just giving his own version of the Hook Em Horns salute to the camera.

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Georgia Coach Kirby Smart had to apologize to his wife for his post-game "f-bomb" language at Auburn

Kirby Smart is in his 4th season as the Georgia Bulldogs football coach, his dream job, but he still has to answer to a higher power when it comes to his actions.  And after an emotional win over "friendly" rival Auburn 21-14 Saturday night to help seal the SEC East division Kirby let out some words that would get himself in trouble with his significant other: his wife.



Look we have all been there. I can speak for most if not all married men that I have said a lot of stupid shit during my now 11 years of marriage bliss. It just comes with the territory. We are men after all. And Kirby is a country boy from Bainbridge, GA who is the son of a high school football coach so you can only imagine the colorful language he heard growing up.  It comes with the territory.  But it still doesn't make it right.  So Kirby did the honorable thing and apologized to his wife that night when he got home.

“I would like to apologize for something I said after the game Saturday night,” Smart said at his regular press conference on Monday. “That’s not indicative of who I want to be and what I stand for. You know you messed up when you get home to your wife and she’s more upset than you won the game, she’s more upset with something you said. It’s not what I represent. It’s not the kind of behavior I want to have. I want to say to the Dawg fans out there and everybody, I’m going to try to handle that a lot better. It was an emotional win and I was very emotional in that, got to do a better job of that.”

Good for Kirby taking one for the team.  Happy wife happy life after all.  But don't expect Kirby to dial down the "f bombs" on the practice field or on game days while raging on the sidelines.  Football coaches are not choir boys.  They are meant to whip 18-22 year-old boys into men and sometimes the only way to get their attention is by using the word FUCK.

In fact I think the "HOW BOUT THEM FUCKING DAWGS!" is the new 2019 team motto.  Probably should put that on some tees right?  Start selling them and all.  Well good news is our boys over at ClassicGeorgia have done just that.



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Without a doubt this is the best LSU Joe Burrow Shirt ever made: Geaux Jeaux

LSU quarterback and leading Heisman Trophy contender Joe Burrow needed the perfect shirt to match his perfect play on the gridiron this season. After a tireless search on the internet for what seemed like at least 20 minutes I couldn't find any good Joe Burrow shirts.  Not one.  They all sucked.

How was this possible?  How could the best QB in college leading the #1 team in the country not have a decent shirt?

Well now your sleepless nights are over.  The best shirt to ever hit the internet is now here. introduces the one and only Geaux Jeaux Shirt...

This unlicensed shirt will go viral and probably sell out quickly. So order your shirt now and get it by next week. Don't do it for me. Do it for Jeaux.
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Grayson Allen gets called a "bitch" to his face and laughs it off

I'll be honest I've always hated Grayson Allen. Not only because of his smug face but if you play for Duke I pretty much have to not like you. Throw on top of it all the tantrums Grayson had while at Duke and the intentional dirty tripping he routinely pulled off without recourse from Coach K and you can understand my hatred for him. But even with my black heart for Grayson there is no way I could pull this shit in front of him. To call someone a "bitch" right in front of their face is so disrespectful it's diabolical.

TotalProSports had a good summary of the incident..

"It’s just a matter of time before an NBA player has a fight with a fan again.

On Wednesday night, the Memphis Grizzlies walked out of Spectrum Center with a 119-117 victory over the Charlotte Hornets, but not without some controversy.

Grayson Allen, who didn’t dress for the game, was making his way off the court and into the locker room when a fan pulled out his phone and told him to his face that he was a “bitch.”

And you know what he's right.  It's just a matter of time before a fight breaks out.  Grayson is too big of a pussy to throw haymakers but imagine if someone says that to Draymond Green or Russell Westbrook.  I would expect the fan to not only get a black eye and a few teeth knocked loose but I would also expect for fans to cheer on the player.  You call someone a "bitch" you should expect a fight and nothing else.

Now if you want to call Lebron James a "commie lying libtard bitch" I would have no problem with it and would expect the masses to cheer because that is exactly what he is.

And that is talking NBA.


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Meet Manti Te'o real life girlfriend Jovi Nicole Engbino

Look I'm not here to make fun of Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend.  Te'o is a Notre Dame legend who helped lead the Fighting Irish to a miraculous undefeated regular season in 2012 while finishing 2nd in the Heisman Trophy that season.  If you look back at his season (7 interceptions on top of over 100 tackles) you could make a solid argument he should have won the Heisman over Johnny Manziel.  What he did do was win every other college football award possible and finished his Notre Dame career as the most decorated football player of all-time.

In short I love Manti Te'o.  I even got an autograph framed jersey of his hanging in my pub.  So it's great to see Te'o move on from the whole catfish debacle of 7 years ago on to a real life girlfriend named Jovi Nicole Engbino.



Buy the official Tailgate Like A Champion Touchdown Jesus Shirt here:

Jovi appears to have good form when working out.


She's also really good looking which is important when staring at the camera for Instagram success.

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Soccer legend Neymar has a model girlfriend named Noa Saez who is a legend in her own right

I'll be honest with you I don't follow much soccer.  Unless it's the World Cup or some crazy bicycle kick goal I have the attention span of an ant when it comes to the beautiful sport as all the foot fairies seem to call it.  But when it comes to hot model "girlfriends" of soccer players aka cleat chasers well then you got my full attention.

Take for instance Neymar.  I know he's a soccer legend but I couldn't tell you where he's from or even what team he plays on.  But I do know he has a new girlfriend from Spain named Noa Saez and she seems very nice.  Take a look...


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Happy place🍃

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Noa appears to have nipple piercings which sound painful but I'm sure only hurt for the first 24 hours before the pain returns every time Neymar flicks them like a corner kick.

She has perfected the Instagram look of not looking at the camera and staring at nothing while thinking of nothing. It's difficult to be this good looking but Noa some how pulls it all together.

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That’s how angels do!

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Saturday night

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Hidden treasures✨

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I'm traveling with u in my heart

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LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron goes off on Alabama in locker room celebration

No lie I would do the same exact thing. If I was the head coach of a football team that had to endure 8 straight years of getting their asses kicked by Nick Saban you sure as hell know I would be screaming bloody murder too after winning.

Obviously this video was never meant to be seen or heard by the public.  But thankfully kids these days can't put their cell phones down for one fucking minute (I'm guilty myself) without recording something and for that I'm grateful.  This is college football gold.

"ROLL TIDE? WHAT? FUCK YOU!" should hang on a sign for LSU players to hit every time they come out of the locker room.  It's should basically be the new Play Like A Champion Today sign for LSU football.

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Minnesota coach PJ Fleck crowd-surfs after upset win over Penn State

Row the Damn Boat!  Minnesota Gophers head coach PJ Fleck is crowd-surfing his locker room after a huge upset win over Penn State to keep his team undefeated.  Is Minnesota now a top 10 team in the playoff committee eyes?  They sure as shit better be.  That was a convincing win over the #4 Nittany Lions.

Buy the original Ann Arbor is a Whore T-shirt here!


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Initial Thoughts from the 2019 Initial College Football Playoff Committee Rankings

Last night we got to see what exactly was stirring in the new CFB Playoff Committee's collective heads with their first top 25 rankings.  As you know we still have a long ways to go till any of this really means anything but here are some initial thoughts with the rankings.

-They got it right.  Yes.  I'm not even joking.  I've watched a lot of college football this season and can say Ohio State is the most complete, dominating team in the sport so far.  I know people want to complain and say "yeah but who have they really played" but honestly it doesn't matter who they have played.  They have beaten the shit out of everybody.  It's not like the Buckeyes struggle for a half to run the ball or get some fluke turnover on defense to change the momentum of a ball game.  They have thoroughly beat the living piss out of every opponent they have faced this season including two top 25 teams.

-I also get it that people really think LSU should be #1.  Guess what?  It doesn't fucking matter at this point.  Yes LSU has impressive road wins vs Texas (who's not even ranked BTW) and beat Florida and Auburn at home but those teams could prove to be paper champs anyways.  LSU will get the chance to prove themselves this week in Tuscaloosa.  If they win they probably are the new #1 so stop complaining.

-Alabama and Clemson are both where they should be ranked at #3 and #5.  I could make a strong argument Clemson is underrated but their schedule is dog shit this season with no fault of their own.  They didn't know the ACC would be hot garbage and they didn't know the out of conference games vs SEC opponents Texas A&M and South Carolina would prove to be middle to bottom feeders in their conference.  Also Alabama is ranked lower than usual because their schedule has been shit so far.  This week they get the chance to move up to #1 possibly with a win over LSU.

-At first I laughed at Penn State being in the #4 position.  Listen the Nittany Lions are not better than Clemson.  They just aren't.  But they have wins over Iowa and Michigan and remain undefeated going into Minnesota who is undefeated too.  If they win vs Row the Boat and next week beat a good Indiana team then who am I to argue with their ranking before they get their asses kicked in Columbus.  It will all work it's way out with Penn State going into postseason with at least 2-3 losses on their resume.  So enjoy it now Penn State.  It's their first time ever in the top 4 of the rankings and they should be proud of themselves.

-Georgia being the highest ranked one loss team is questionable but also understandable.  They got wins over Notre Dame and Florida which were both two of the most highly watched games of the year.  The loss vs South Carolina, a BAD team, at home is inexcusable.  But do you really think a team like Oregon or Utah are better than UGA right now?  I don't think so.  Which leads me to another initial thought...

-Listen I think the PAC 12 is just an overall average at best conference.  The only reason Oregon and Utah are ranked in the top 10 is because the conference stinks and USC and Stanford are having down seasons.  Oregon lost to an Auburn team that might be 5th best in the SEC and needed miracles in 2-3 other games.  Utah lost to USC.  I don't think either of those programs would have a shot at winning a playoff game.  With that being said though if one of them wins out and wins the conference with one loss they are set up to be in the playoff right now over a one-loss Big 12 Champ.

-Which leads me to Oklahoma.  The Sooners might in fact have an argument with Clemson as being the most shafted in the initial playoff rankings.  The Sooners have beaten everybody convincingly except their one road loss to #15 Kansas State.  That loss looks a lot better than Georgia's home loss to a shitty South Carolina team playing their 3rd string QB.  If Oklahoma wins out there is a chance they won't make the playoffs.  The Sooners are a better team than Oregon and Utah and you could make a solid argument they are better than Georgia.  If they win out they deserve to make the playoffs over the PAC 12 Champs or a one loss SEC and Big Ten runner up if it happens.

-Outside of Oklahoma nobody has a chance to make the playoffs.  Yes I know Baylor and Minnesota are undefeated and IF they went undefeated they would 100% be in the playoffs.  It's not gonna happen.  Both programs will lose multiple games starting this week.  Still it's been a hell of a job by Matt Rhule and PJ Fleck getting those programs back to where they are.

-Michigan and Notre Dame are both overrated and are ranked where they are because of name only.  Michigan is at least playing better lately having blown out Notre Dame and Maryland but don't forget they should have lost to Army and did get blown out by Wisconsin while also losing to Penn State.  Notre Dame on the other hand is playing like absolute shit.  Since they barely hung on to beat USC at home they have followed up with embarrassing performances vs Michigan and Virginia Tech.  They got lucky somewhat last week by pulling it out vs the Hokies but you can just feel this program is running on fumes right now with a road trip to Duke this week.  Yes if ND and Michigan wins out they are both in a NY6 bowl game but I don't see either one of them doing it.



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Is this Pamela Anderson Halloween costume she wore racist?

Of course it's not racist but leave it to a few people to actually get offended about all-time great Pamela Anderson wearing a Halloween costume that they don't agree with. It's an Indian costume. Get over it. Clearly Pamela doesn't give a fuck either what you think.

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