Brady Quinn Says This is The Best Notre Dame Football Team He Has Seen...Ever

Notre Dame legend Brady Quinn does make some great points with the Notre Dame offense and it's ability to put a lot of points on the board with 6th-year senior Sam Hartman and all the RB and WR weapons and the stellar offensive line he has protecting him but let's slow down on this Notre Dame team being the best he's ever seen.  First off I remember some pretty stellar offensive teams with Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen leading the way in South Bend.  Unfortunately they had shitty defenses and not enough depth at the RB position.  If this Notre Dame team is gonna be the best Brady has ever seen it will have to beat Ohio State, USC and Clemson because their defense comes up with some big plays and gets to the quarterback.

The first game defense vs an undersized Navy team hardly shows us anything neither will this week's game vs Tennessee State.  But the NC State game in Raleigh next week with a veteran gunslinger in Brennan Armstrong will show us if the defense can make enough plays and hit the QB to give ND fans the confidence to think they can beat the likes of Ohio State and USC in prime time.

But look I loved everything I saw last Saturday in Ireland.  Notre Dame looked really fucking good.  The offense was basically perfect with Sam Hartman leading the way and the defense shut down Navy's vaulted running game.  If this is one of the best teams in a long, long time they will come out this week and absolutely destroy the Eddie George led Tennessee State squad that has no business even scoring on ND.

Go Irish!

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