Bears WR and Notre Dame alum Equanimeous St. Brown would root for Colorado to beat Irish because of Deion Sanders

Look, I get how popular Coach Prime is with the recruits, football players and fans.  Hell, I'm a big fan of Deion since I was a kid when he signed his business card and gave it to me while hitting bombs for the Atlanta Braves and scoring touchdowns for the Atlanta Falcons.  Deion is the man and he is proving it in Boulder by winning his first two games when Colorado only won a single game last season.  But Equanimeous can fuck right off with saying he would root for Colorado over ND, his alma mater.

Where is the loyalty for your school?  ESB has no ties to Coach Prime or Colorado.  He's just a fanboy of Coach Prime.  But I guess somewhere deep down ESB really doesn't like ND or coach Marcus Freeman.  Why else would he root for Colorado over ND?  Because of "doubters"...well coach Freeman has had plenty of doubters being a first time head coach at one of the most prestigious programs in the nation.

ESB is officially out of the Notre Dame family.  He will now be referred to as Fredo.  He has no allegiance.  No loyalty.  He is dead to us all.



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  • Brown Stephen says...

    Agree 💯% 🍀GO IRISH 🍀

    September 15, 2023

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