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Clemson confirms what we all knew: Notre Dame was the 2nd best team in the country last season

I would say this shuts the door on all those people (media and UGA football players) who insisted Notre Dame didn't deserve a playoff spot last year despite being 12-0.

Clemson offensive guard John Simpson played against both Notre Dame and Alabama in the playoffs last year.  I'll take Simpson's words at the ACC Media Days over which was the best team Clemson played last season over the pollsters and media.

If you don't remember the final polls came out after the playoffs.  For some illogical reason Notre Dame didn't even finish in the top 4 despite losing only one game to the eventual champs who absolutely throttled Alabama 44-16.  If you don't remember that final National Championship game score we made a shirt for you to remind everybody.

But yet Notre Dame finished 5th despite making the playoffs and losing only one game.  They dropped from 3rd because Oklahoma who despite getting throttled by Alabama in the semifinals and finishing the season with two losses and Ohio State who beat a dog shit PAC 12 team in the Rose Bowl and got throttled themselves by fucking Iowa in the regular season both jumped ND.  It was horse shit then and it's still horse shit now.

It's good to see Clemson players doing the classy thing and give Notre Dame the props and respect they deserve.  Look I get it a lot of people hate Notre Dame.  You either love them or hate them.  There really is no Switzerland in between when it comes to Notre Dame football.  But you gotta respect how Notre Dame will schedule anybody, anywhere and go 12-0 while traveling all around the country and making their players actually go to class unlike most other programs.


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Lord Trevor Lawrence almost throws down after taking a dirty Clemson intramural basketball screen

Just waiting for confirmation that this Clemson bro who stupidly screened Trevor Lawrence on the other side of the basketball court risking the Lord's knee and 9 months of future rehab took his life with two bullets to the back of the head last night. Now some Clemson haters want to say this was clearly a side effect of "Orange Juice" aka ostarine aka roid rage in Trevor Lawrence's system but that's just conjecture and hearsay.

I mean granted like 25% of the Clemson players who were tested before the Cotton Bowl failed their drug test but that doesn't mean Lord Trevor is guilty by association. I mean yeah he basically single handily destroyed two top 10 defenses in Notre Dame and Alabama in the playoffs as a true freshman in route to leading Clemson to a perfect record and conveniently wasn't tested but that doesn't mean anything.

If you had a glorious manes of Sunshine hair would you give up a single follicle for the NCAA? I didn't think so.



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SportsCrack's 2016 ACC Predictions

Projected Finish

Atlantic Division

1. Clemson (12-0) - Just a couple of plays away from completing a dream 15-0 season, Deshaun Watson and Dabo Swinney are back to complete the mission.

2. FSU (11-1)- Any other division besides the SEC West would have FSU #1 in it.  QB Deondre Francois will be the X Factor.  If he can play smart football and get the ball into Dalvin Cook's hands watch out for the Seminoles.

3. Louisville (9-3)- QB Lamar Jackson is a stud but Louisville's defense is down right terrible at times.

4. NC State (7-5) - Huge October home game vs Notre Dame could be breaking point for the Wolfpack to get to a New Years Day bowl game.

5. Boston College (6-6) - It will be interesting to see how they replace their great DC in Don Brown.

6. Syracuse (5-7) - The Orangemen seem to be heading in the right direction with Dino Balbers

7. Wake Forest (3-9) - Honestly can't name a player or coach off the top of my head.

Coastal Division

1. Pitt (10-2) - 16 returning starters.  Great offensive line.  John Conner beat cancer and is back at tailback.  The defense should be good enough to win the division.

2. North Carolina (9-3) - Elijah Hood is the best back who many people haven't heard of.

3. Georgia Tech (8-4) - Just a gut feeling but I think QB Justin Thomas and head coach Paul Johnson have Tech bounce back in a big way after struggling to a 3-9 record last season.

4. Miami (8-4) - New coach Mark Richt has his work cut out for him.  If he can close the southern Florida borders he should have plenty of talent to work with.

5. Virginia Tech (7-5) - Another new coach in Justin Fuente who is drawing rave reviews so far in Blacksburg.  Gotta find a QB and they could build something special.

6. Duke (6-6) - I'm probably underestimating David Cutcliffe and his team here but I'm sure they don't mind playing the underdog role.

7. Virginia (4-8) - Bronco Mendenhall is another new coach in the Coastal but he will have the most daunting task of filling up a roster full of average at best players.

OVERRATED TEAM - North Carolina.  I see them taking a step back this season.

UNDERRATED TEAM - Pat Narduzzi will get Pitt to the ACC Championship when most pundits have them finishing 5th or lower in the Coastal.

OFFENSIVE PLAYMAKER - Tie between Deshaun Watson and Dalvin Cook.  Both are home run threats whenever they have the pigskin in their hands.

DEFENSIVE PLAYMAKER - FSU Safety Derwin James is a bad, bad manchild.

TOP FRESHMAN - Dexter Lawrence should make an immediate impact on Clemson's defensive line.

COACH OF THE YEAR - Pitt Coach Pat Narduzzi.

FINAL PREDICTION - Clemson (12-0) beats Pitt (10-2) and advances to the College Football Playoff Final 4.

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