Lord Trevor Lawrence almost throws down after taking a dirty Clemson intramural basketball screen

Just waiting for confirmation that this Clemson bro who stupidly screened Trevor Lawrence on the other side of the basketball court risking the Lord's knee and 9 months of future rehab took his life with two bullets to the back of the head last night. Now some Clemson haters want to say this was clearly a side effect of "Orange Juice" aka ostarine aka roid rage in Trevor Lawrence's system but that's just conjecture and hearsay.

I mean granted like 25% of the Clemson players who were tested before the Cotton Bowl failed their drug test but that doesn't mean Lord Trevor is guilty by association. I mean yeah he basically single handily destroyed two top 10 defenses in Notre Dame and Alabama in the playoffs as a true freshman in route to leading Clemson to a perfect record and conveniently wasn't tested but that doesn't mean anything.

If you had a glorious manes of Sunshine hair would you give up a single follicle for the NCAA? I didn't think so.



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