Odell Beckham Jr. unveiled his custom Cleveland Browns Rolls Royce Today

We all know Odell Beckham Jr. has a tendency to be melodramatic on and off the field. We also know OBJ produces catches and highlights while backing up the talk on the football field. Now he's backing up his ALL CLEVELAND BROWN talk with the Dawg Pound with this custom Rolls Royce that will get them barking loud and clear.


No lie I'm digging what OBJ is doing. He's all in for the Browns which is hardly ever seen or much less said. It started last season with rookie QB Baker Mayfield taking over the league by storm and turning the worst NFL franchise into a winner. Now it continues into 2019 with Baker to Odell ready to make good headlines for a devout and loyal Cleveland fan base that has waited for eternity for anything good to happen.

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