John Daly keeping it real in the Augusta Hooters Parking lot, signing chick's asses


John Daly is the definition of a guy who just doesn't give a fuck.  It's called a "No Fucks Given" attitude and Daly has been the president of the club for over two decades now.  It's always nice on The Masters week to see Daly selling his merch in the Hooters parking lot up the street from Augusta National.  It's become a tradition unlike any other.  I'm not even shitting on it.  Hell I participated a few years ago when I drove out to Augusta and hung out with the living Arkansas legend himself for a few moments with a cold Bud Light talking merch with him.  Next thing you know Daly takes a few of these road beef golf broads into his Winnebago and teaches them how to fore play with his bag of balls.  Respect.  And now Daly is signing his Hancock all over their butts.  The legend lives on...

Get some Augusta merch y'all!



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