Ronald Acuna and Dansby Swanson keep swinging their big tomahawk dicks all over Coors Field

Ruh roh. Ronald Acuna is heating up in the Mile High City. His 4th HR of the season to dead center got the Braves off to an early lead.

And not to be outdone Lieutenant Dansby has his high altitude legs and hit his 4th HR of the season too...

With the young bats mushroom tipping their big tomahawk dicks all over the Rockies pitching early on tonight it should be easy sailing for starter Max Fried. I'm not gonna say Fried looks like a young Tom Glavine out there but I'm not not gonna say it. Fried is throwing fucking wiffle ball darts and he's like the Braves 8th ranked pitching prospect. Holy shit it's insane the amount of young talent dripping out of their pimply pores.

Chop On!

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