This Fox College Football Tweet shows how the top 10 teams stack up in terms of 4 and 5-star recruits

Can't say I'm shocked at all by these numbers but I would guess a lot of my SEC friends would be.  Because all I ever hear about down here is how those northern Yankee teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame simply can't match up with the powerful SEC schools in talent and depth.  Clearly they are not only lacking education but need to actually watch the teams up north play.

This chart also shows you that Wisconsin has no chance of a Natty even if they somehow make the playoffs.  The Badgers basically have a fifth of the talent in terms of 4-star and 5-star recruits on their current roster.  That's an insane disparity.

Some of the numbers that were shocking to me was Clemson sitting at 8th in terms of quantity of 4/5 star players.  Only Wisconsin and Florida have less 4/5 star recruits. 

But if you look at the 5-star players Clemson has 7 and schools such as Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Florida only have one each.  Of course what's kind of shocking is UGA has double the 5-star players as Clemson right now.  Kirby Smart can out recruit anybody in the nation that's for damn sure.

But can he out coach Dabo?  Hopefully we get a chance to see it come playoff time.

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