The AAF Has Already Died, All Football Operations Stopped

Can't stop us eh? Yeah...

Damn son it couldn't even last one full season! Now where am I going to watch D League football players I don't give a shit about these days? Think about the children with their Johnny Football Memphis jerseys now as worthless as their dreams of not attending a game.

I'm not gonna say I told you so but who actually thought the AAF would work besides Tom Dundon?  There is no way you can compete with the NFL and sports fans in general when you got players on your roster that nobody cares about.  I was flipping the tube on Sunday and just happened to come upon an AAF game on the NFL Network and I shit you not I've seen high school games with four times the attendance of what was shown. 

But don't worry because the XFL is about to get rebooted in 2020.  I'm sure Vince McMahon learned his lesson in 2001 when after one season the original XFL League got shut down because you guessed it...nobody gave a shit.  This time should be different though considering WWE ratings are plummeting right?


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