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Must Watch: Ronald Air Acuna Jr robs home run, makes another case for NL MVP

You might as well just give the kid the MVP Award. Sorry Cody Bellinger. Sorry Christian Yelich. You can't soar over fences like Superman the way Acuna does it with ease. He's gonna do 40/40 at the age of 21 and leads the league in runs, stolen bases and hits. Not to mention stolen home runs.

Say it out loud: M-V-P

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UPDATE: He hits his 35th HR of the season to creep even closer to Bellinger and Yelich for the MLB HR lead.


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Ronald Acuna Jr shows off another tool in Minnesota with this rocket throw

King doing King stuff.

Must be nice to have 30/30 stuff at age 21 with a hose of an arm that looks absolutely perfect throwing seeds out in right field.  I don't know about you guys but I'm thinking this kid might be pretty good.

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Almost 24 hours later and I'm still not certain if this Ronald Acuna Jr Home Run has landed


Just an absolute piss rocket off of Ronald Acuna Jr's bat. If that outfield brick wall didn't get in the way I'm thinking this ball might have landed in Augusta on the 18th hole. The scary thing about Acuna is everybody says he hasn't really caught his groove yet this season. Well he's got 5 Home runs and an OPS over 1.000 already. It's gonna be fucking frightening to National League pitchers when he does find his groove. 


Not sure I believe the statcast numbers on this ball hit. That ball would have gone at least 462 miles not 462 feet if that stupid brick wall didn't get in the way.  Fucking nerds always messing up shit.

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Breaking News: Atlanta Braves agree to extend Ronald Acuna Jr's contract to 8 years $100 million

This is obviously a great deal for both sides in baseball's current economic situation. The Atlanta Braves get their superstar outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr for an extra four years of control.  $124 million for basically the next decade is a bargain for the Braves franchise.  Just doing the quick math that's $12.4 million per season for Acuna who is going to put up MVP numbers for the next decade through his prime years.  You can't beat that when superstars like Trout, Machado and Harper are all making over $30 million per season.

It's also a great deal for Acuna as it gives him security and all the money is guaranteed.  Currently he was making $550K per season so a bump of salary to over $12 million is nothing to sneeze at. 

Most importantly it keeps Acuna in Atlanta for the next decade.  The reigning NL Rookie of the Year is a legit 5-tool player who has the makings of a young Griffey Jr and dare I say Trout at 21 years young.

I've been vocal about Braves ownership Liberty Media being cheap this past offseason and I still stick with my opinion but it is good to see them extend their young stars early.  They did it with Freddie Freeman, Julio Teheran, Andrelton Simmons, and Craig Kimbrel in the past and hopefully they build the team around Acuna now like they were suppose to with Freeman 5 years ago.

Acuna should be batting at the top of the Braves order for at least the next decade and that alone should bring a smile to all Braves fans.  Acuna's contract also gives the Braves plenty of "financial flexibility" to go get another starter (Dallas Keuchel) or relief arm (Craig Kimbrel) without breaking the Liberty Media bank.

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Watch Ronald Acuna Jr. First Big League Home Run

🚨🚨 TAPE MEASURE SHOT FOR THE PHENOM 🚨🚨@Braves prospect Ronald Acuña Jr. hits his first career home run 416 feet into the second deck. Welcome to the future.#Braves | #ChopOn

— FOX Sports: Braves (@FOXSportsBraves) April 26, 2018

Atlanta Braves top prospect Ronald Acuna Jr. hit the first homer of his career in his second game, leading off the second inning against the Reds with a long blast to left field.  I think that ball would have landed in Kentucky if the Braves fan didn't catch it in the upper deck.  Absolutely smoked it.  The first of many home runs to come for King Acuna Matata.

As soon as Acuna swung my eyes got real wide...


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