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Patrick Mahomes catches and chugs a beer with the grace of a gazelle at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

Those hands of Patrick Mahomes are Charmin soft with cat-like reflexes.  It's no easy feat to catch a beer in a moving vehicle while some Kansas City drunk throws it to you like Reggie Ball on a crossing route to Calvin Johnson.  But Mahomes, the Super Bowl MVP winning QB at 24, handles it like the pro he is.  And not only does he catch it effortlessly he chugs the beer like a god damn Stone Cold Steve Austin maniac.

Don't change Mahomes.  Don't ever change.

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Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce for President 2020 

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Also check out this long completion to tight end Travis Kelce...

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Patrick Mahomes spotted in a "The Great State of Kansas" Football shirt inspired by a deleted Donald Trump Tweet

Patrick Mahomes is LIV-in the good life right now.  He just won Kansas City their first Super Bowl in 50 years while taking home the Super Bowl MVP with a spectacular 4th quarter come-from-behind victory over the San Francisco 49ers.  It was such a big victory for Kansas City that US President Donald Trump decided to send out a congratulatory tweet on Twitter which has since been deleted but seen here...

Yes indeed congrats to "The Great State of Kansas" on their victory.  Nevermind Kansas City is actually in Missouri.  Potato potatoe as they say.  Well at least everybody has a sense of humor, most notably Patrick Mahomes, who was spotted wearing "The Great State of Kansas" spoof shirt at the Chiefs Parade.

Good news is you can now purchase "The Great State of Kansas" t-shirts to join in on the joke.  So be sure to join the allegiance of Chiefs Kingdom with this classic shirt!

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