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The Washington Nationals Kurt Suzuki wore a MAGA Hat and got a Donald Trump hug at the White House

I don't care what your politics are this is great entertainment. The Washington Nationals won the World Series and went to the White House to celebrate yesterday with president Donald Trump. Big swinging dick catcher Kurt Suzuki decided to wear a MAGA hat and Trump couldn't have been more proud. Look at that hug. That's the kind of loving embrace you only see from Dan Mullen's wife on his Gators players before kickoff.  Those kind of hugs Make America Great Again.

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According to sketch it looks like Tom Brady threatened Stormy Daniels

As much as I wanted to avoid this whole Stormy Daniels - Donald Trump story because it has nothing to do with sports and because it was over 12 years ago they released a sketch of the person who threatened Stormy to leave the Donald alone.  And I'm not saying it's definitely 5-time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady but it's definitely NOT not him.


He looks awfully familiar eh?

Tom Brady and Donald Trump are close personal friends. Brady had been spotted with Trump many of times before he was elected president. But it wasn't till Stormy apparently didn't understand that "whore hush money" meant not to open your porn star mouth about taking the Donald's cock on the 19th hole.

I mean it could have been any athletic good looking guy who could have threatened Stormy Daniels. I mean Tom Brady has never had hair that matches the sketch. Or has he?

In conclusion Tom Brady tried to help protect his buddy Donald Trump by threatening a whore who is paid to have sex on camera to not talk about doing the deed with the Donald because she took and signed a confidentiality agreement not to open her whore mouth while getting paid very well to do so. It's a love story that only Shakespeare could write.
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