Ranking the new MLB's proposed baseball rule changes

Yesterday news leaked MLB officials and the players are discussing some new rule changes for the game.  If they are approved there would be some drastic changes to America's national past time that in my opinion have been way overdue. 

Let's just assume all of the new baseball rules are approved.  Here are my rankings from the best to the worst.

1. 3 batter minimum for all pitchers

I love this rule change.  MLB teams are ruining the flow of the game by going to a different bullpen arm every other batter it seems.  Every time the manager comes to the mound it delays the game, ruins the flow, and honestly makes the game more boring.  This new rule would keep more starters in the game and not go to the bullpen in the 5th or 6th inning.  It would also help save some arms.  Right now teams are burning out their relievers arms by pitching them nearly every day or every other day.  I don't need to see 6-7 pitchers a game.  I want to see guys hitting and not striking out every other at bat to right and lefty specialists out of the pen.  

2. A universal designated hitter

This should have been implemented years ago.  I don't want to see pitchers hit because the majority of them can't hit.  It's beyond stupid that the National League still has pitchers hit and don't give me this strategy bull shit.  There is no strategy walking the 8th batter to pitch to a limp dick batter who's only job should be to get hitters out.  We don't ask our QB to kick FGs.  Do don't ask our goaltenders to score on breakaways.  And we don't ask our point guards to play center.  Why the fuck would we ask our best pitchers to get hits off MLB pitchers?  It's dumb and it ruins the entertainment of baseball.  Give me Edgar Martinez and Big Papi at-bats over watching Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale swinging blind folded and lolly gag it down the base paths because they don't want to exhaust their legs for pitching off the bump.

3. One trade deadline 

This is just common sense.  Why there are two trade deadlines right now doesn't even make sense.  Make it July 31st or August 31st.  I don't care which one as long as it's only one date.  I don't need to know who clears waivers like it's some fucking deep dark secret that only MLB officials know.  Everybody is eligible to be traded and hopefully that includes future draft picks.

4. Roster expansion and limits

The new rosters would expand from 25 to 26 which would help with additional designated hitters in both leagues.  Also it would limit the roster expansion to 28 instead of 40 in September.  Sounds good to me.  I don't need to see a bunch of bums play in September to tank the rest of the season.  Speaking of which..

5. Draft advantages for winning teams; penalties for tanking

From what I've read it means low revenue teams who win by finishing .500 and better or even make the playoffs receive a better draft position or bonus pool for draft picks.  Watching teams tank it sucks for fans.  Anything to encourage against it or even award teams for not doing it is good in my book.

6. Bring back major league contracts to entice two-sport amateurs

I get it that baseball is worried about losing some stars like Kyler Murray to football because they only sign a minor league contract when drafted.  But there aren't many Kylers out there and he is the exception to the rule.

7. 20-second pitch clock

Not sure how much of a difference it really would make.  What's the penalty if you don't throw it within 20 seconds?  I get it that baseball wants to speed up the game and I have no problem with that but you gotta make sure the batters are in the box too so the pitchers are allowed to throw.  Plus if you implement the 3-batter minimum for pitchers it will already cut down the length of the game so I don't think a pitch clock is overly important.

8. A study to lower the mound

Fuck no.  Leave the mound where it is.  It's fine.  Don't overthink it.


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