Photo reveals Kirby Smart punishing UGA Football Players Robert Beal and Brenton Cox the old fashion way

UGA linebackers Robert Beal and Brenton Cox got into some trouble last week when their dorm RA called the cops and got them arrested for minor possession of marijuana.  We can argue whether or not smoking weed should be against the law but the point remains it is still illegal in the state of Georgia.  Head coach Kirby Smart was not happy with another distraction with his players (6 arrested this offseason) and told the media their discipline would he handled "internally." 

Judging by the picture above taken at Sanford Stadium this week Beal and Cox were getting the good old fashion "stadiums" as punishment.  Doing stadiums is difficult in itself in shorts and t-shirts but imagine trying to do it in full uniform and pads.  Kirby clearly is trying to "Kirbstomp" his players into thinking they can just get away with a little weed.  Not on his watch.  Things haven't exactly been all shits and giggles in Athens lately.  The Bulldogs blew another game vs Alabama in December, this time in the SEC Championship, and their chances to get back into the playoffs.  They followed that up by bitching and moaning about going to the Sugar Bowl only to be destroyed by Texas and finishing the season at 11-3.  We will see if the "internal" discipline helps get UGA football back on the winning track.

Ironically the UGA G-Day game aka spring game is next week on 4/20.  Also in case you were wondering the players got arrested in their dorm room which is you guessed it: 420A.



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