Kirk Cousins wearing jersey fan knocks out Philly Eagles Fan

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While Carson Wentz was scalping the Redskins on Monday Night in Philadelphia further enhancing his MVP first half case you had an even bigger fight off the field and what brought back memories of the Broad Street Bullies at old Veteran's Stadium. One of Washington's finest drunk fans sporting an 0-6 MNF Kirk Cousin's jersey decided to get his knuckles a little dirty and let loose on an all-time great haymaker. It almost looked like the haymaker was in slow motion because these two assholes were so intoxicated they could barely walk much less fight with any sort of defense. There were no putting up the dukes as the Eagles fan leaned in and took a mean right hook to his glass jaw and went down faster than a Kardashian at a NBA party. So while the Redskins took it on the chin from the Wentzwagon on Monday at least one Redskins fan can forever live in drunk internet knockout glory.

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