Jose Canseco goes scorched Earth on Alex Rodriguez's engagement to Jennifer Lopez

A-Rod got on proverbial bended knee and proposed to Jennifer Lopez this past weekend but not everybody was happy about it.  Jose Canseco decided to air some dirty laundry on Twitter about what a great guy Alex Rodriguez is...


No way Jose! Please tell us how you really feel about A-Rod.  I mean is anybody shocked about this?  No.  It's A-Rod.  Dude was a notorious cheater on and off the field during his playing days so it's not like he's gonna change now that he's engaged to Jennifer Lopez.  I presume A-Rod still has road beef in every major city because let's be honest, he's a good looking guy with at least 8 zero's on his bank statement.  So why would he not be hitting up Jose Canseco's ex-wife?

A-Rod has a type and it's definitely muscled and toned with a vagina in the middle.  Jessica looks like she still enjoys bats and balls to this day.  Perfect match.  And who knows maybe Jennifer Lopez knows all about this stuff already and approves it.  Some couples do have open relationships and considering Jenny has been around the block a few times it wouldn't be shocking.

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