Emergency Backup Goalie and Full-time Accountant Scott Foster Steals the Show for the Chicago Blackhawks

They have to make a movie about this. Full time accountant Scott Foster is 36-years-old and hasn't played competitive hockey for 15 years. Last night because he was the emergency backup goaltender he made his NHL debut. And to top it all off he made all 7 saves and got the #1 star of the game. Are you kidding me?

First off I had no idea NHL teams had emergency backup goaltenders. It's basically a designated guy who goes to the game, gets some free food in the press box and watches the game. To be able to play you would have to have both goaltenders, in this case the Chicago Blackhawks starter and backup, go down with injuries. Well it happened last night in Chicago and Foster got to have his dream completed. Now imagine the ice cooler talk in his accountant offices today? Talk about an all-time story.

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