Bryce Harper out indefinitely after being hit by pitch to ankle

Well I'm not so sure we will be seeing Bryce Harper in the Phillies lineup on Opening Day. If you heard that crack of the ball to Harper's right ankle bone from here that is NOT a good sign. Especially when the pitch is coming at you at 96 mph with little to no protection of the ankle bone. Hopefully for the Phillies cause and their new $330 million toy it's just a deep bruise/contusion and not an actual cracked bone. Although Harper is young at 26 he also has a history of injury issues which has caused him to miss more than 200 games in his 6-year career. With less than 2 weeks till Opening Day it's probably wise to wrap Harper up in bubble wrap and skip the rest of Spring Training.  Needless to say the Phillies took out Harper today after he could barely walk on it.

UPDATE: Phillies skipper Gabe Kapler says Harper has a right foot contusion and will get an X-ray.  In other words no shit Sherlock.

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