Top 5 Plays from Week 2 in College Football 2016

5.  Arkansas' Double Reverse Pass 2 Point Conversion to Force Overtime vs TCU

This Arkansas vs TCU overtime thriller had it all and was by far the best game last week.  This Arkansas crazy double-reverse pass to the QB for the game-tying 2-point conversion was one of the those jump out of your seat moments that make college football great.

4. Clemson's Ray-Ray McCloud Drops Ball at Goal Line on Punt Return

Imagine if Clemson lost this game to Troy?  Clemson's Ray-Ray McCloud would have had death threats after this bone headed play at the goal line.

3. Auburn's Kyle Davis Makes His Freshman Presence Known With This Incredible One Handed Catch

Spiderman called and wants his gloves back.

2. Louisville's Lamar Jackson Hurdles Syracuse Defender for Touchdown

If Lamar Jackson wins the Heisman we will be looking back at this "Air Lamar" play as the catalyst for his winning campaign.

1.  Central Michigan's Game Winning Hook and Ladder Hail Mary to Beat Oklahoma State

The play that should have never happened.  Yes the Big 12 officials fucked up.  The game should have been over.  But still you can't feel bad for Oklahoma State.  Knock the damn ball down!


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