This will make you feel old: J.T. Snow interviews Dusty Baker's kid, Darren, who is now Cal's 2nd baseman

It's been 16 years since San Francisco Giants 1B JT Snow saved Dusty Baker's batboy kid in the 2002 World Series. How has it been that long? I remember like it was yesterday.  Barry Bonds was hitting .800 or something with like 73 HRs and more track marks than a burned out Grateful Dead fan.  The Giants were on the cusp of getting Bonds his first and only ring and this happened...

 Saved by his little chinny chin chin.  That was Darren Baker at 3 years-old.  Could barely fill out an uniform but was cute as could be.  He was basically the Giants mascot and since he was Dusty's kid he got to pick out the freshest cleat chasers for the team back in the day.  The Giants went on to lose the World Series that year and as many of you did shed tears for Bonds who remained ringless.

Anyways fast forward to today and Darren is 18 years-old and the starting 2nd baseman for the Cal Bears.  J.T. Snow caught up with him recently since he works for the PAC-12 Network...


Yeah now I feel really old. That little bat boy is now in college. And just like him I'm eating Ramen Noodles and drinking Natty Light to get me through the week. Some things never change.


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