This Georgia Mall Drop Kick Fight is why the state needed to open back up

Oh my god yes folks we are finally getting back to normal.  Georgia doing Georgia things.

Everyone on the internet has been bitching and moaning about Georgia opening up too quickly while the "pandemic" is still not flattened out.  We know why they have been bitching: jealousy.  Shit I would be pissed off too if my state told me I wasn't essential and I couldn't do anything besides go to the grocery store and the drug store.  

Down here in Georgia we got important things like the CDC headquarters and apparently dudes in Oilers jerseys with flying drop kicks at Cumberland Mall to break up fights with the shorties.  Back in my day we called them chickenheads.  That's probably considered racist these days so don't repeat it.  Anywho probably a smart move by Gretzky to high tail it out of there because it looked like the shortie he drop kicked might be reaching for a firearm in her bag.

Now it's time to get back home and Quarantine and Chill.  I give this fight a 7.6.


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