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The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight and yes I will be watching the Zion Williamson sweepstakes

You will never guess which NBA team I'm rooting for tonight to win the Zion lottery or otherwise known as the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.  Ever since last season when the Atlanta Hawks traded away Luka Doncic draft rights to Dallas for Trae Young and a protected 1st round draft pick I have dreamed about Youtube sensation Zion Williamson in a Hawks red uniform.  Zion is the biggest polarizing superstar to enter the draft since Lebron.  He's a marketing dream and also a franchise turning player. 

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The Hawks have a roughly 10% chance of winning the #1 pick.  If there is a basketball God they will let Atlanta finally get the chance to draft the best overall player.  Fuck Cleveland and fuck New York.  You guys don't deserve Zion.  Atlanta wants Zion.  Atlanta needs Zion.  Team him up with Trae and John Collins and you are looking at an Eastern Conference contender immediately.  Convince free agent Kevin Durant to play in the hip hop capital of the world and you are looking at a top 5 favorite next season.

Sweet baby Jesus give me Zion in Atlanta.  Do it.

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This Ja Morant Block might be even better than the Zion Williamson Block

Everybody talks about Zion Williamson and his outlandish athletic ability on the basketball court but don't sleep on super sophomore Ja Morant from Murray State. Morant was an AAU teammate of Zion in high school out of South Carolina but was hardly recruited at all. In fact Morant wasn't even given a single star by How the fuck is that even possible in today's world that Morant would be an unranked prospect? His only offers were from like East Bumblefuck State and Last Chance U before Murray State's assistant coach James Kane accidentally discovered Morant when he was recruiting one of his teammates in a basketball camp.  Unbelievable that  a player of Morant's athletic abilities could slip through the cracks.  Now Ja is projected as a top 5 NBA Draft pick while averaging 24 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds a game as Murray State's point guard.  He's gone from unranked prep prospect less than two years ago to future lottery pick who will be a multimillionaire.


And now we got Morant with the double block like it's no big deal.  While it may not be as amazing Zion's block last night vs UVA it's still an incredible block.  If you haven't had the chance to watch Morant play this year I highly recommend checking out Murray State.  They could make a run in March Madness with Morant running point much like Davidson did years ago with Steph Curry.

Here are some more Ja Morant highlights...


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This Must See Zion Williamson Block vs Virginia is one of those moments you will never forget

I think it goes without saying Duke's power forward freshman Zion Williamson is not from this planet.  This year the true frosh Zion has displayed incredible dunking ability with nightly highlights on ESPN and social media.  Last night vs 3rd ranked UVA he showed an incredible ability to fly through the air, this time on defense.


Pure basketball poetry in motion when you see Zion block the shot in slow motion. While soaring through the air like a god damn spider monkey Zion shows not only can he dunk with the best of them but his defense, which is often ignored, is at an elite level. Zion helped lead #2 Duke to a huge road win vs #3 UVA 81-71 and Coach K's Blue Devils should be the odds-on-favorite to win March Madness considering they have potentially the top 3 2019 NBA Draft picks (Zion, RJ Barrett, and Cam Reddish) who all happen to be diaper dandies.

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