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Buy the hat that's gone viral here: Big Dick Joe hats as seen on Joe Burrow last night in New Orleans

Last night after completing a perfect 15-0 season for the LSU Tigers by defeating the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship Game Heisman Trophy Winner sat back and enjoyed a cigar.



What you might not have recognized was the purple hat he was wearing.  On his lap it's a hat that says "BIG DICK JOE".  It perfectly sums up what Joe Burrow did to the rest of the college football nation this past season.  He went in with no apologies and a bulging head full of confidence and mushroom tipped the likes of Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Auburn on his way to a Heisman Trophy, multiple QB records, and last night capped it off with a National Championship Trophy.

Indeed that is Big Dick Joe for you.  Get the best Joe Burrow hat on the market here before they sell out!

Also you can get the exclusive "Burreaux and Orgeron for President 2020" t-shirt at our store page!

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Without a doubt this is the best LSU Joe Burrow Shirt ever made: Geaux Jeaux

LSU quarterback and leading Heisman Trophy contender Joe Burrow needed the perfect shirt to match his perfect play on the gridiron this season. After a tireless search on the internet for what seemed like at least 20 minutes I couldn't find any good Joe Burrow shirts.  Not one.  They all sucked.

How was this possible?  How could the best QB in college leading the #1 team in the country not have a decent shirt?

Well now your sleepless nights are over.  The best shirt to ever hit the internet is now here. introduces the one and only Geaux Jeaux Shirt...

This unlicensed shirt will go viral and probably sell out quickly. So order your shirt now and get it by next week. Don't do it for me. Do it for Jeaux.
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