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You be the judge: Did Oklahoma Sooners Jeremiah Criddell intentionally head-butt this police officer last week?

I'll be honest on first glance it looks like Oklahoma Sooners safety Jeremiah Criddell intentionally head-butted the police officer from behind.

The problem is we don't know all the circumstances that go into the head-butt.

We do know that the Sooners were going into half time up 21-7 in Lawrence, KS when one of the police officers assigned to protect Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley was head-butted by #22. Did he get pushed from behind? Was Criddell tripped? Did they know each other before and it was kind of a playful head-butt?

At last glance Criddell currently is the 3rd string nickel back on the Sooners defense.  This might have been Criddell's only contact all season near a football field.  I'm sure there is more to the story and Lincoln Riley will address the media with some answers.  If it was an accident no big deal.  If it was intentional though it's assault of a police officer.  Those are a big deal.

Going into a huge game this week vs rival Texas in the Red River Shootout I'm sure Riley and his players don't need the distraction.

What do you think?

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