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Jose Altuve greeted with a thunderous amount of boos in his Spring Training debut while also suffering his first bean ball

And so it has begun.  Previous fan favorite Jose Altuve was greeted with a chorus of boos today as fans are gonna let the Houston Astros have it all season long.  Later in the game Altuve was hit with a breaking ball on his foot so it was hardly retaliatory.  But the over/under of 83.5 bean balls Vegas has for the Houston Asterisks seems really low right now.  I would go ahead and bang on that trash can as soon as possible if you know what I mean because that is a meat bet.

In the meantime go ahead and order the official SportsCrack Houston Asterisks shirt as seen here.  There is no better shirt to wear especially when the Astros come to town.

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Houston Asterisks T-Shirts now for sale

Public enemy #1 in baseball deserves this shirt. The Houston Astros deserve an asterisk after cheating the game in 2017-2019. Buy the official Houston Asterisks shirt here!
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