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Elizabeth Hurley, 54, still shows off her fastball with naked Instagram picture

Austin Powers came out in 1997.  I graduated high school the same year.  It was a lifetime ago and as much as I've changed it looks like Elizabeth Hurley clearly hasn't.  She still is a certifiable smokeshow at the ripe age of 50-fucking-4!  Hurley is in a Benjamin Button race with Jennifer Aniston for fine wine aging and it's way too close to call.  Hurley's 1.2 million Instagram followers (including us) were treated with another IG gem as Hurley decided to go naked in the pool.  God bless her!
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Elizabeth Hurley still has her heater as seen on her Instagram


Elizabeth Hurley is 53-years-old and still has her mid 20's fastball. We haven't seen a prime extend this long since Barry Bonds entered a Balco lab. She knows what she is doing too by posting these little videos on Instagram. Oh look a little golden light shower on my chest while I smile all innocently.  You don't fool me Ms. Hurley.


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