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Jake Fromm displays his ZFG attitude by rocking a bowtie at SEC Media Days

Since Jake Fromm has stepped foot on the beautiful Athens, GA campus just two years ago he has managed to win an SEC Title, beat Notre Dame and Oklahoma, and scared off two 5-star QBs in Jacob Eason and Justin Fields into transferring.  Georgia is currently the #3 ranked team going into this season largely because Fromm is expected to contend for the Heisman Trophy and help lead UGA to their first Natty since 1980 if they can get past ND and Alabama for just once.  And if you thought the pressure of the whole state of Georgia was on Fromm's shoulders that it would make him buckle well he delivered a very loud and clear message with his accessory today at the SEC Media Days in Hoover, AL.




Yes ladies and gentlemen.  This Fromm bowtie he wore today in front of millions of television and internet eyes clearly states he gives zero fucks about pressure or what you think about him.  This bowtie fucks almost as hard as Fromm fucks after beating those Nerds from Georgia Tech annually.

I had my doubts about Georgia going into this season after the way they collapsed in the postseason and everybody, particularly the offense, decided to check out early and cash NFL paychecks.  But now with the power of the bowtie coming back it's pretty simple that Fromm isn't gonna let an Alabama collapse or another SEC West road scorcher happen under his chin.



Look at this beautiful specimen with his bow tie, sunglasses with croakies, UGA lapel pin placed perfectly and 5 o'clock shadow in a well pressed designer suit just chilling in the Alabama summer heat with not a drip of sweat showing.  That is some Jake from State Fromm coolness right there.  The only drips of sweat are coming from those UGA sorority dresses after Fromm walks by.



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