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Deshaun Watson Wants To Be The Atlanta Falcons Franchise Quarterback

In an extensive interview with Matt Hayes at Bleacher Report Clemson quarterback and preseason Heisman Trophy favorite Deshaun Watson claims he wants to be the next franchise quarterback for his hometown Atlanta Falcons.

"Hayes: If you had your choice, where would you play in the NFL?

Watson: If I'm fortunate enough to play in the NFL, anywhere for anybody would be great. But if I had to pick, it would be the hometown [Atlanta] Falcons because I used to work for them. I was one of the kids who sold Cokes in the stadium. It was a lot of fun being around that environment, watching games and visualizing being there when I got older.

But I guess it will be a new stadium next year, so no more dreams of playing in the Georgia Dome for the Falcons. I don't think there would be any pressure playing for my hometown team. It would be fun. I'd just do the same thing I did before and build on it."

You got my attention dear Watson.  

As an Atlanta Falcons fan I can only dream of seeing the hometown guy come back to the team he once worked for as a kid and throw winning touchdowns to the great Julio Jones in a Falcons helmet.  But like all dreams the reality is the Falcons have a QB right now in Matt Ryan whom they are paying a lot of money.  They will also probably need the #1 overall draft pick to get Watson.  In other words it's not likely to happen.  In order for the Falcons to get Watson they would have to tank the season (it's possible with their difficult schedule) and hope they luck out with other teams not being so shitty to get #1 overall pick.  Then they would have to trade Ryan because you can't have two franchise quarterbacks on the same roster.  I just don't see a lot of teams vying to get Ryan who has as many career playoff wins as Tim Tebow.

In other words it's a pipe dream.  But as a Falcons fan it's great to actually hear someone say they want to strap on the Dirty Birds gear and play in the new stadium.  To top it all off it's arguably the best player in college football right now.  Man if only dreams could come true it would be great to wake up and see Deshaun Watson throwing seeds in the black and red.



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