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Saquon Barkley's future baby's mama, Anna Congdon, looks friendly and nice

right or wrong, you better ride or die

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It looks like Penn State RB Saquon Barkley gets to celebrate his future multimillion dollar NFL career next month with a brand new baby due right around NFL Draft Day. Barkley's girlfriend Anna Congdon, who also attends Penn State, announced on her Instagram that the couple who have been together for just over a year are expecting their first child.


one month until @saquon and i get to meet our little angel 👼🏽💛🌿

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As a dad to two great kids I'm sure I know how excited Saquon and Anna must feel to meet their offspring.  I gotta be honest though I couldn't even wrestle my brain around having a kid in my 20's much less when I was just old enough to drink...legally.  But I'm sure these two love birds have it all figured out like most people in college do.


Left Scranton*

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jax teller walked by

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This might be my favorite picture of Anna keeping it nice and classy with a classic college outfit for her Happy Valley's...

penn state university... where the girls are always hot and the beer is ice cold

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Congratulations to Saquon.  He not only is scoring 1st round money next month but he got an absolute dime piece knocked up.  Penn State hasn't had a WIN-WIN like that since JoePa conveniently passed away.  

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