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Westworld : Official Season 3 Trailer released today and it's a must watch

I had to take a deep breath after inhaling this new Westworld trailer for season 3. March 15th can't get here faster. Shit we are looking at just over three weeks away! It looks like we got all the great characters back from the first two seasons and now we are gonna sprinkle in a little bit of that blue meth known as Jessie Fucking Pinkman which should absolutely blow our minds.

If season 3 lives up to the trailer's hype are we talking about Westworld as being one of the best television shows in history? Right now it's gotta be top 25 on my list. But if it wants to go up in the rankings it's gonna need to beat out some blue bloods and not just feast on FCS opponents. If it wants to be talked about as Tier 1 program Westworld Season 3 is gonna have to go out on the road and beat the likes of a Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and Seinfeld among others.  That's no easy feat.

What if Season 3 is so great for Westworld we start talking GOAT shit about it?  Do we even see a season 4 or does it walk away knowing it's place in history?  If it happens then Aaron Paul knows he's the only actor to ever be on two top 5 programs.  That's big swinging dick shit right there.  That's scraping the ground with Moses Malone's third leg in the locker room legendary stuff right there.  One can only hope.

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