SportsCrack's Ten BOLD PREDICTIONS for 2016 College Football Season

Here are ten 2016 College Football BOLD PREDICTIONS:

1.  Tennessee will finally beat Florida.  I shit you not it's been 11 years since Rocky Top has been sung in victory at the end but somehow, someway Butch Jones manages not to fuck up this game and the Vols come out with a HUGE W.

2.  Houston QB Greg Ward will be the early Heisman Trophy favorite after his Cougars upset Oklahoma and he outplays top Heisman candidate Baker Mayfield.

3.  LSU will fire Les Miles after he again goes through a 3-game losing streak in November capped off by a devastating loss in Fayetteville.  It will also end Leonard Fournette's Heisman run.

4.  Your 2016 College Football National Champion will come from the ACC conference or at least a team with an ACC affiliation.  Whether it's Clemson, FSU or Notre Dame it remains to be seen who can stay injury free but one of those programs will win it all. 

5.  Houston head coach Tom Herman will take the LSU job after they fire Miles and it will be a huge story in regards to whether he coaches the Cougars in their bowl game or leaves early.

6.  The PAC 12 and Big 12 conferences will be shut out of the CFB Playoffs.

7.  Michigan and Jim Harbaugh will be a major disappointment this year.  A lot of pundits have the Wolverines pencilled in for the playoffs but despite a great start to the season against a weak schedule they crash and burn by the last week of October.

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8.  There will be three 2000 yard rushers (Fournette, Royce Freeman, and Dalvin Cook) and none of them will win the Heisman.

9.  UCLA QB Josh Rosen will talk about skipping his junior season in 2017 and instead prepare himself for the NFL Draft through a "QB guru" and workouts off campus.

10.  Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn will save his dead man walking job by beating an undefeated Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

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