Orioles' Chris Davis Breaks Record for Longest Hitless Streak in MLB History

Congratulations go out to Baltimore Orioles first basemen for creating baseball history tonight. With his 0-for-3 start tonight vs the Oakland A's in front of a record low Camden Yards crowd of 6500 Davis is now 0-for-47 dating back to his last hit in September of 2018. Not great. But the good news is Davis has been hitting the ball solid tonight which is no small feat considering he came in tonight's game 0-for-23 with 13 K's in the young season. Also more good news is that the Orioles only owe him $23 million per season for the next 4 seasons so he's basically untouchable. Just imagine the records that Chris Davis will set in an Orioles uniform. Somewhere Cal Ripken Jr laughs...or cries.


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