NBC Sports Chris Simms previews Notre Dame Football, Texas Football and Top QB prospects

I agree with everything Chris Simms says here except I don't think Notre Dame loses 2-3 games. The floor on this year's team is 10-2. Right now I feel like they go 11-1 with a loss on the road to UGA. Will it be enough to make the playoffs will remain to be seen.

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I'm surprised Simms isn't high on Jake Fromm at all.  Simms doesn't think Fromm is a high NFL draft pick because the talent level isn't there.  I've seen Fromm play live and while I don't think he's on the same level of like an Andrew Luck or Trevor Lawrence I do think at worse he's a 2nd round pick.  Fromm beat out two 5-star QB's and basically forced them to transfer.  That has to say something in regards to his talent and understanding of the QB position.

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