Major Remaining MLB Contender Roster Needs at the MLB Trade Deadline

We are less than 4 hours till the MLB Trade Deadline hits.  Last night we saw a huge 3-way team trade that involved Trevor Bauer going to the Reds and Yasiel Puig going to the Indians among many other moving parts.

Today we will see who gets moved and which ball clubs improve their rosters while making a run for the playoffs this season. tells us what certain clubs are looking for this MLB Trade deadline.

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Here are a few of the possible target areas for the game’s contenders. Not all will be fulfilled, while other creative swaps will be struck. But these are the general areas that stand out:

Clear Contenders

  • Astros: rotation upgrade; bullpen upgrade/left-handed depth; catching upgrade
  • Athletics: rotation upgrade; bullpen depth; second base upgrade
  • Braves: rotation upgrade; bullpen upgrade; corner outfielder
  • Brewers: rotation upgrade/depth; first base upgrade; shortstop upgrade
  • Cardinals: rotation upgrade/depth; bullpen upgrade/depth; center field upgrade
  • Cubs: lineup upgrade (outfield/second base); left-handed reliever
  • Dodgers: bullpen upgrade
  • Indians: rotation depth; second base upgrade
  • Nationals: multiple bullpen upgrades/depth; rotation depth
  • Phillies: rotation upgrade; third base and/or outfield upgrade; bullpen upgrade/depth
  • Rays: rotation and/or bullpen upgrade; right-handed DH/corner OF bat
  • Red Sox: bullpen upgrade/depth
  • Twins: rotation and/or bullpen upgrade
  • Yankees: rotation upgrade; bullpen upgrade; first base insurance?

Uncertain Contenders

  • Angels: rotation upgrade/depth
  • Diamondbacks: rotation upgrade/depth
  • Giants: second base upgrade; outfield upgrade
  • Mets: bullpen depth; shortstop/center field upgrade
  • Reds: bullpen upgrade; second base upgrade

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