Los Angeles Chargers release an official FUCK You statement on rumors of moving to London

Rumors have been flying recently that the Los Angeles Chargers recent move to LA would be short lived as they were preparing to move to London soon. Well the Chargers released an official statement, Wolf of Wall Street style, on Twitter today saying "I'm not fucking leaving!"

And honestly why would they leave to go to London?  Fuck the UK.  It's not a football country and it never will be.  Football is an American sport.  Keep it here.  We don't need Europe or UK or China or any other country for football to live long and prosper.  A move to London makes zero point zero sense.  Those people over there love the foot fairies and bad hygiene.  They want more soccer not football.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos decided to squash the moving to London rumors too with his own profanity laced statement...




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