Jason Whitlock hits the proverbial Lebron James hot take nail in the head: Sit yo ass down!

Thank you a million times Jason Whitlock!  I couldn't have said it any better myself.

I tried my best to even avoid talking about Lebron James and his ridiculous, over-the-top antics he pulled this weekend at his son's AAU game.  Honestly I was more shocked and appalled that a grown ass man would act like that at any kids game. 

Lebron has deserved every bit of criticism he gets for this because this goes beyond being a good father.  You don't show up your kids like this.  You aren't playing in the game Lebron.  Sit yo ass down and clap and cheer.  That's all you need to do. 

To run out on the court in the middle of a play is beyond uncalled for and highly inappropriate.  If the AAU refs had any balls he should have been ejected and escorted out of the building.  I mean could you imagine if I ran out in the middle of my daughter's lacrosse or softball game, jumping around and hollering look at me?  My daughter would not only be embarrassed but someone would probably call the cops on me for being a fucking lunatic.  And that's not even mentioning Lebron doing dunks with his sons team while they warm up with layup drills. 

You don't play on the team Lebron!  Act like a grown man, sit down, and fake a racist attack at your multi million dollar mansion.  Basically shut up and don't dribble.  

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