Jalen Ramsey shows up to Jaguars Training Camp in a Brinks Money Truck

Jacksonville Jaguars Jalen Ramsey made a bold yet comical statement today about his current NFL contract when he showed up for training camp in a Brinks money truck. 

Look I get it Ramsey wants to get paid more.  But it's not like he's getting dicked over with his current rookie deal...

The 24-year-old Ramsey is heading into the fourth year of his rookie contract, and is due a $3.6 million salary this year. The Jaguars have picked up his fifth-year option, meaning he’s due $13.7 million for the 2020 season. He won’t be eligible to hit free agency until 2021, and even then the Jaguars could use the franchise tag to keep him in Jacksonville, so the team may not be in a big hurry to give Ramsey the large amount of cash he wants. 

Ramsey will be 26-years-old if he hits free agency in 2021.  He will get paid a shitload.  Just wait your turn and stop making a scene to embarrass such a proud and historical Jaguars franchise.

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