Is Bob Stoops to FSU really happening?

Are things moving fast in Tallahassee or what?

First off they fired head coach Willie Taggart Sunday shortly after they lost to their rival Miami. Next thing you know Bob Stoop's name starts popping up as the replacement. Is it real? Is it just smoke to get another candidate to sign on? I don't fucking know but what I do know is if you fire a coach during the season you better have a legit candidate waiting in the wings as a replacement.

Bob Stoops would be one of those perfect candidates.  He's won a Natty.  He's taken a program to the playoffs.  He wins way more than he loses and appears to be a stand up guy who can recruit with the best of them.  He's basically everything that Taggart was not.  Stoops no doubt would crush it for FSU and would give the Seminoles fans a reason to cheer their team again.  But is he even interested?

Not if you look at Stoops Twitter timeline where he was too busy last night promoting Tequila...




So maybe Stoops really loves his tequila and is not interested in getting back into the college coaching ranks. After all he is suppose to be coaching a soon to be defunct team in the soon to be defunct league XFL starting in February.  ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit caught up with Stoops to get his thoughts on the FSU job...




Well there you go. Stoops is not going to FSU. We all know coaches and their agents would never lie about potential landing spots for their services. Or would they?

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