Initial Thoughts from the 2019 Initial College Football Playoff Committee Rankings

Last night we got to see what exactly was stirring in the new CFB Playoff Committee's collective heads with their first top 25 rankings.  As you know we still have a long ways to go till any of this really means anything but here are some initial thoughts with the rankings.

-They got it right.  Yes.  I'm not even joking.  I've watched a lot of college football this season and can say Ohio State is the most complete, dominating team in the sport so far.  I know people want to complain and say "yeah but who have they really played" but honestly it doesn't matter who they have played.  They have beaten the shit out of everybody.  It's not like the Buckeyes struggle for a half to run the ball or get some fluke turnover on defense to change the momentum of a ball game.  They have thoroughly beat the living piss out of every opponent they have faced this season including two top 25 teams.

-I also get it that people really think LSU should be #1.  Guess what?  It doesn't fucking matter at this point.  Yes LSU has impressive road wins vs Texas (who's not even ranked BTW) and beat Florida and Auburn at home but those teams could prove to be paper champs anyways.  LSU will get the chance to prove themselves this week in Tuscaloosa.  If they win they probably are the new #1 so stop complaining.

-Alabama and Clemson are both where they should be ranked at #3 and #5.  I could make a strong argument Clemson is underrated but their schedule is dog shit this season with no fault of their own.  They didn't know the ACC would be hot garbage and they didn't know the out of conference games vs SEC opponents Texas A&M and South Carolina would prove to be middle to bottom feeders in their conference.  Also Alabama is ranked lower than usual because their schedule has been shit so far.  This week they get the chance to move up to #1 possibly with a win over LSU.

-At first I laughed at Penn State being in the #4 position.  Listen the Nittany Lions are not better than Clemson.  They just aren't.  But they have wins over Iowa and Michigan and remain undefeated going into Minnesota who is undefeated too.  If they win vs Row the Boat and next week beat a good Indiana team then who am I to argue with their ranking before they get their asses kicked in Columbus.  It will all work it's way out with Penn State going into postseason with at least 2-3 losses on their resume.  So enjoy it now Penn State.  It's their first time ever in the top 4 of the rankings and they should be proud of themselves.

-Georgia being the highest ranked one loss team is questionable but also understandable.  They got wins over Notre Dame and Florida which were both two of the most highly watched games of the year.  The loss vs South Carolina, a BAD team, at home is inexcusable.  But do you really think a team like Oregon or Utah are better than UGA right now?  I don't think so.  Which leads me to another initial thought...

-Listen I think the PAC 12 is just an overall average at best conference.  The only reason Oregon and Utah are ranked in the top 10 is because the conference stinks and USC and Stanford are having down seasons.  Oregon lost to an Auburn team that might be 5th best in the SEC and needed miracles in 2-3 other games.  Utah lost to USC.  I don't think either of those programs would have a shot at winning a playoff game.  With that being said though if one of them wins out and wins the conference with one loss they are set up to be in the playoff right now over a one-loss Big 12 Champ.

-Which leads me to Oklahoma.  The Sooners might in fact have an argument with Clemson as being the most shafted in the initial playoff rankings.  The Sooners have beaten everybody convincingly except their one road loss to #15 Kansas State.  That loss looks a lot better than Georgia's home loss to a shitty South Carolina team playing their 3rd string QB.  If Oklahoma wins out there is a chance they won't make the playoffs.  The Sooners are a better team than Oregon and Utah and you could make a solid argument they are better than Georgia.  If they win out they deserve to make the playoffs over the PAC 12 Champs or a one loss SEC and Big Ten runner up if it happens.

-Outside of Oklahoma nobody has a chance to make the playoffs.  Yes I know Baylor and Minnesota are undefeated and IF they went undefeated they would 100% be in the playoffs.  It's not gonna happen.  Both programs will lose multiple games starting this week.  Still it's been a hell of a job by Matt Rhule and PJ Fleck getting those programs back to where they are.

-Michigan and Notre Dame are both overrated and are ranked where they are because of name only.  Michigan is at least playing better lately having blown out Notre Dame and Maryland but don't forget they should have lost to Army and did get blown out by Wisconsin while also losing to Penn State.  Notre Dame on the other hand is playing like absolute shit.  Since they barely hung on to beat USC at home they have followed up with embarrassing performances vs Michigan and Virginia Tech.  They got lucky somewhat last week by pulling it out vs the Hokies but you can just feel this program is running on fumes right now with a road trip to Duke this week.  Yes if ND and Michigan wins out they are both in a NY6 bowl game but I don't see either one of them doing it.



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