Happy Acuna Matata Day it's Ian Anderson MLB Debut Tonight!

It's finally happening.  Yes Braves fans you can take a deep sigh of relief.  The long awaited debut of top pitching prospect Ian Anderson is in fact happening tonight.  And to top it all off the Braves have activated Ronald Acuna Jr off the injured list.


Let's fucking go!  Acuna back in the lineup is reason enough to celebrate.  But now you add Anderson on the bump tonight and I'm full fledged torqued.

The only problem is the other guy on the mound is pretty good tonight.  You may have heard of him. It's Yankees ace Gerritt Cole.  Yeah the same guy who just signed for a bijillion dollars and comes in with a 20-game win streak.  It's just the 3rd longest streak in MLB history. 

No big deal.  The Braves and Ian Anderson got this.  No pressure kid.  Just need you to out pitch arguable the best pitcher in the game right now.


With Acuna back in the leadoff spot it's time for coach Brian Snitker to pull the plug on the Ender Game.  Inciarte isn't hitting his weight right now and last week the Braves promoted another uber prospect in Christian Pache aka Andruw Jones 2.0 to help fill the void.  Snitker needs to roll an outfield of Adam Duvall in left, Pache in center, and Acuna in right for the next two weeks minimum to see what we got.  All three are above average defensively and one of them (Pache) might be the best fielding CF since Andruw was covering the earth 20-some years ago.  If they struggle then go with Nick Markakis some when he comes back.  But I don't wanna see Ender anymore.  Love the guy but he can't hit and his fielding isn't what it used to be.

Who else is excited to see Anderson make his debut tonight?

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