Hank Aaron thinks the people involved with the Houston Astros stealing signs scandal should be banned for life

Hammerin' Hank Aaron laying down the hammer on the Houston Astros.  While I think it might be a little extreme to ban them for life I do agree with the baseball legend that not enough was done to the Astros in light of the cheating scandal.  If you get caught cheating by purposely stealing signs using technology it's a permanent stain on the game.  It's not fair play and the Astros should have to give up their World Series pennant for cheating.  

The Astros fired their GM and manager and had to give up draft picks for the next two years but the players who did the actual cheating got immunity.  I'm talking players like Jose Altuve and Alec Bregman who didn't even bother to apologize aren't even facing any repercussions at all.  They get to skate free.  And it's bull shit.  They should at least face a suspension of a month.  Minimum.

What do you think about Hank Aaron saying they should be banned from the game for life?

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